My dog loses and gains weight really easily, what would you suggest to help?

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Phoebe WeightPicking up on weight gain or loss with your dog is not always easy, as living with pets can make it harder to spot the signs. But there are some simple things you can do to help, keeping a check on body condition (how easy it is to feel your dog’s ribs), as well as making use of the body scales at the vet or in pet shops and pet supermarkets to pick up early on any developing trends. For small dogs, weighing at home can work. A good method is to find a flat surface for the weighing scales, then weigh yourself and have the dog handed to you rather than getting off the scales in between. Then calculate the difference between the two weights to work out your dog’s body weight. Any subsequent visits to the vet can be used to confirm your readings.

There can be a number of reasons why your dog gains or loses weight; permanent changes in diet, activity levels, growth, metabolism etc. can all affect your dog’s weight, so if your dog is not the weight you are expecting, you may need to spend some time investigating to find out the reason why.

Our blends can help to minimise some of these fluctuations, because we take into account as many of these factors as we can when creating your dog’s tailored blend in order to calculate his daily calorie requirement and give an accurate daily feeding plan. There is always the opportunity to add in new weights and activity changes later on as well, as things change. Blend evolution ensures that over time we match your dog’s changing needs as he moves from pup to adult to senior and our Perfect Portion Scoop makes it easy to measure out the exact amount of kibbles your dog needs every day, so it’s less likely he will get more than you intended.

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