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It sounds like Charlie had a bit of a rocky start to life but we’re so pleased to hear that he has found a loving home and is going from strength to strength. Thank you Elizabeth from Emsworth for sharing his story. We’re really pleased to help be a part of his journey back to happiness and good health.

“This is Charlie. I got him as a rescue dog a couple of years ago. Unfortunately his previous owner hadn’t given him the exercise or good diet that he needed. He did weigh around 45 kilos and most of his very dull hair was missing from his back and tail, and he was constantly scratching and chewing himself. Not any more. He’s a much happier dog now. Weights coming off and his coat is amazing. unique diet is perfect for his weight and skin, and on a plus side he loves the food. The deliveries are always on time and excellent value for money. Thanks!”

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