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Treats can be an easy way for your dog to gain weight without you noticing. Ideally all treats should be counted as part of your dog’s daily intake but it can be very hard to know exactly how much of their dinner you should cut back on. Here’s a short guide to some popular treats and how much of your dog’s daily diet you’d need to reduce.

Energy in kcal % daily intake for a Labrador (1439 kcal/day) % daily intake for a terrier (440 kcal/day)
High calorie treats
Hot dog 250 kcal 17% 57%
Slice of toast with butter 167 kcal 12% 38%
Cocktail sausages (4) 100 kcal 7% 23%
Mini cheddar stick 83kcal 6% 19%
Medium calorie treats
Digestive biscuit 71 kcal 5% 16%
Medium dental stick 44 kcal 3% 10%
Medium gravy bone 35 kcal 2% 8%
Slice of ham or roast chicken 30 kcal 2% 7%
Healthier treats
Blueberries (50g) 28.5 kcal 2% 7%
¼ a Banana 27 kcal 2% 6%
Carrot baton (50g) 15 kcal 1% 3%
Green beans (3) 4 kcal 0.3% 1%




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