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Cassandra from Swadlincote recently got in touch to let us know how her lovely boy Busby has been getting on.

“Now that Busby is onto his 2nd bag, I wanted to get in touch again and say thank you. He had been suffering indigestion, loud gurgling tummy and bad wind, I knew it wasn’t quite right, it had cost me money at the vet to get him a paste to settle his stomach, but this happened no matter what food he had so I had just accepted it. I didn’t notice that this had stopped until over Christmas, I gave him a Christmas dinner, with meat and veg and he was suffering all of boxing day. He’s nearly 5 and a fairly young dog in mind anyway, but he, and my sister’s dog Jessie both seem to have a new lease on life since their food changed, both of them finding a new interest in playing with toys. Busby has been like a puppy again, and he’s looking in great shape. I always want to do the best for my boy, and I certainly feel that I’m doing that now, thank you!”



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