Purdy; Breakfast and dinner are her two favourite parts of the day!

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Yvonne from Corby got in touch to tell about the incredible progress little Purdy has made over the last few months. We’re so very pleased to have been able to help play a part in helping her reach her target weight and get back on track to good health.

Purdy.jpg“This is my dog Purdy. She’s 8. She has been eating Tails food for just over a year now and I Must say that she had changed quite a lot. She had just had major back surgery when she started eating tails.com. She had a damaged disc, trapped nerve in her lower spine and was carrying a bit of excess weight that was not helping the situation. I was recommended to you by a friend, and Purdy has come on leaps and bounds. She is now at an ideal weight and is maintaining it. She loves her food, breakfast and dinner are her 2 favourite times of the day. Purdy acts like a puppy, full of energy and fun. You’d never believe what she’d been through  just a short time ago. I can’t thank your team enough. She is a very happy and healthy



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