Hunter; has changed his eating habits for the better

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Hunter .jpgSara from Wells got in touch to let us know how well Hunter is getting on with his tailor-made blend. We’re so happy to hear that Hunter is doing so well.

“Hunter loves his Tails food. It’s been a solution to a very long problem. He got rescued by us 5 years ago and he hasn’t been eating properly since then. He wouldn’t ever eat dry food, and forever had a bad tummy. He gets excited at breakfast and dinner and eats the very last crumb, and has done from the very first delivery. Tails has changed his eating habits for the better, thank you!!! Now he bounces and round morning and nights (the odd bark too!) And he eats the whole portion at once, we have upped the amount as it’s been such a success with him. He is happier and healthier than he has ever been! A highly recommendable product! Thank you!!”

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