Star Signs for dogs

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Pet horoscopes have become quite the trend in gaining a greater insight into how the stars influence your pet’s behaviour and mood. For those of us who read our star signs daily, we thought it would be quite a fun idea so to compile a handy guide to see which breed would be the best personality match for you, based on your own star sign. We’d love to see if there are any accurate matches, so please do let us know if you you find yourself shouting ‘Bingo!’ at the screen.

Owner’s Star Sign Characteristics you need in your pet Suggested breeds
Aries Independent, playful & active Portuguese water dog, Shetland sheepdog, vizsla
Taurus Dependable, mellow & lazy St Bernard, bulldog, Italian greyhound
Gemini Quick thinking, sociable & friendly Labrador
Cancer Sensitive, emotional & loyal Boxer, Yorkshire terrier, Westie
Leo Striking dogs, strong leaders Afghan, German shepherd, rottweiler, saluki
Virgo Low allergen/shedding, intelligent Schnauzer, poodle, fox terrier
Libra Highly sociable, friendly & playful Setter, cockerpoo, springer spaniel
Scorpio Emotional, passionate, dogs that connect with you Chihuahua, Irish wolfhound, border collie
Sagittarius Independent, explorative & freedom seekers Dalmatian, jack russell, border terrier
Capricorn Loyal, predictable & clever Boxer, Newfoundland, golden retriever
Aquarius Quirky personalities but sweet and loyal Whippet, greyhound, dachshund
Pisces Cuddly dogs that love the warmth, sensitive & gentle Pug, cavalier King Charles spaniel, Maltese



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