10 ways to keep your dog healthy and happy over Christmas

happy and healthy christmas

1. Dust off those walking boots.

Walks are good for dogs’ mental and physical health, they want to know their local environment and who lives where as much as they like to explore, chase and have fun with you.  Plan some longer walks with other friends with dogs, getting out in the countryside or parks can be much more enjoyable than Christmas shopping.

2. Don’t give into to the pet novelty treats.

Feeding treats to your dog can be a part of a healthy daily routine, but it’s important to keep these to a small number each day and make sure they suit your dog’s digestion and requirements. Christmas treats can look very appealing but remember to restrict how many you give your dog each day just like normal dog treats.

3. A pet Christmas dinner only has to happen once a year.

If you like to give your dog a special meal for Christmas dinner, then remember to cut back on his breakfast and treats that day. Too large a meal can cause digestive problems and rich fatty foods can also have repercussions so if he really can’t miss Christmas dinner try adding small amounts of the special food to his normal dinner instead.

4. Measure your dog’s food for each meal.

Get your dog in good shape before Christmas starts by keeping an eye on how much you are feeding him. Regularly measuring his food using a measuring cup or weighing will work, alternatively try the tails.com Perfect Portion Scoop which ensures he will get the right amount of food each day.

5. Keep your vet’s number handy.

Christmas provides dogs with lots of temptation, foods they shouldn’t eat, presents they shouldn’t destroy and changes in their routine and environment which may stress them. Find out what your vet is planning over the Christmas period to ensure there’s emergency cover if you need it and regular appointments available to sort out anything concerning you.

6. Take a closer look at what you’re feeding your dog.

Now it’s the holiday break you may find you’ve got the time to have a look at what you are feeding your dog and making sure you are happy with the results. Good nutrition can go a long way to keeping your dog in optimum health and condition so now’s the time to look into any niggling concerns or worries. Of course a tails.com diet can take away these concerns, providing tailored blends specifically for individual dogs to ensure the food they eat matches all their needs.

7. The bigger the present the better.

Christmas is definitely for dogs, but they don’t need huge extravagant presents, the more time and attention they get with you the happier they’ll be. Try different games, walks and trips out with your dog, you’ll both enjoy it.

8. Christmas trees are just trees with extras to dogs.

Don’t be surprised by presents under the Christmas tree. To your dog, this is the ultimate convenience, the outdoors brought inside. Try marking sprays and firm commands if this becomes a frequent problem. If you’ve got a climber, then hang tempting treats and baubles on harder to reach branches.

9. Snow alert.

Just like us, dogs love snow. This odd stuff is great to scamper in, sniff, eat and roll in for the ultimate white look. Some dogs are a bit more cautious and will gingerly extend a paw in before the freezing sensation sends them back onto the path. But on the downside, snow is a sign of very cold temperatures, so wrapping your dog up in a waterproof coat and getting them quickly dried and warm once home will all help your dog cope with whatever weather we’re sent over Christmas.

10. Be prepared for the January Blues.

Just like you, your dog wants Christmas to last forever, the extra time and attention he’s had will make him want it to continue. Try easing back slowly if you’ve done a lot of extra walks and games and plan some good weekend walks for January once you’re back at work.

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