Blend Evolution

Dog ownership can be a wonderful experience but needless to say comes with many big responsibilities. If you bring home a puppy, it’s clear to see how they start to slowly change from a puppy to a young adult. There are many changes to look out for, not just the fact that they are teething and growing at quite a rapid rate, but they will then also be starting to eat a lot more and need a lot more physical activity.

But when does a puppy become a junior? And from then, a junior to an adult, and an adult to a senior? It’s not always an obvious answer, and here at we like to do our very best to make things as easy as possible for you and your dog.

There are many nutritional changes going on in your dog’s body ,and we believe it’s important that as your dog ages, his food should too. This where we introduce Blend Evolution. Blend Evolution is a term that we use to describe how the kibbles making up your dog’s unique blend will slowly change over time as your dog grows and then changes throughout the different phases of his life.

We gently alter our blends over time so there is no need to change foods with us, it’s all taken care of. As your puppy grows and develops into first a junior dog, then young adolescent, mature adult and finally a senior, his food will adapt with him to provide all the nutrients and extras he needs at all these stages.

A benefit of this system, aside from the convenience to you, is that it minimises the challenge of new foods to dogs, helping to prevent digestive upsets (which can happen when you change your dog’s food abruptly).

It can also ensure that your dog gets the right food each day so he should never suffer from the effects of a nutrient deficiency or excess like too much fat as a senior dog or too little protein for growth as a puppy.

If you have any questions at all about the way that Blend Evolution works please do not hesitate to get in touch via email to and we would be happy to help.


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