How to keep a hot dog cool in hot weather

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When it’s hot, hot, hot like it is now, us humans sweat it out to cool down. Dogs don’t sweat like we do and instead lose their heat through panting, meaning they need a little bit more care than we do in the heat.

For some dogs in particular, excessive heat can be a challenge. Brachycephalic breeds have shorter noses and narrower breathing passages and have to work harder to cool down. This means they’ll pant a bit more than other breeds, and if they’re panting more than usual, it can be a sign of overheating.

To keep hot dogs cool in the heat, here’s what you can do:

Set up hydration stations:

Whether you’re out and about or spending the day at home together, give your dog plenty of chance to take regular water breaks, with fresh water top ups when you can. Travel bowls are easy to carry around with you on days out and super handy for giving your dog a refreshing drink or lunch on the go.

Feed it when they need it:

Some dogs lose their appetite when it’s hot and can prefer to graze instead. Try feeding smaller and more frequent portions of their food to help them maintain their nutritional requirements at a pace that suits them. For chilled out treats, try giving your dog an ice cube to lick, or mash up and freeze some banana in your ice cube tray for a frozen summer snack.

Stay shady:

On very hot days, extra hot concrete pavements can leave dogs with sore paws. If you can, avoid the hottest part of the day by heading out for your daily walks either earlier in the morning or later in the day, walking them on the grass when possible. You can give your dog’s paws extra protection against hot surfaces with little booties, that can even double up as a mini fashion statement.

Keep it cool:

Invest in a cooling mat, or wet a towel for them to lie on. Or for complete cool-downs, set up a shallow paddling pool for your dog to splash around in. If your dog’s more of an insider, close the curtains to keep the heat out and set up a fan for the ultimate chill out den.

How to keep a dog cool in hot weather 2

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