Our new TV ad

Watch our latest TV ad. We think it sums up why a unique recipe is the right choice for thousands of happy dogs all over the country.

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  1. GREAT advert! Even Lola’s spaniel ears prick up when it comes on 🙂
    I shall certainly share this with friends, colleagues & family 😀
    Kindest regards,
    Lizzy Holmes (Lola’s Mum) xxx

  2. My dog Jaspa has been eating tails.com food since I got him at eight weeks old and he is now two years old and we have added salmon biscuits to his order as his favourite food is fish.
    My new puppy Florrie has been eating tails.com food since eight weeks too and gobbles it so fast at every meal and would eat his too if he leaves some. Both happy dogs thriving on tails.com food.

  3. My dog Marco has experienced exceptional digestive issues.
    Tails.com have been amazing, tailoring his food to his requirements.
    Cannot fault them.
    Marco lives his tails dry food.

  4. My 4 year old Cairn X Beau, has a sensitive tummy. Tried Tails over a year ago now and it’s just brill. He eats every morsel. Love the measuring cup too – stops me giving him too much, as those “any chance of some more mum eyes”, look up at you. Ah, no fear of that, as it’s tailor made & with free delivery too. Just brill. Can’t go wrong. 🐾🐾

  5. Our Now 51/2 month Lhasa Dylan loves his food . He also enjoys the doggy treats , duck biscuits and dental chews !! He really loves the food and he’s always looking for more !! The Dashboard is so effective to use , as you update your dogs details and you can pause delivery if you don’t need it .. I must say 5✨…

  6. I swiched to tail.com as l wanted Sharnie to eat food good for her. I know what is in her food and how it helps her stay healthy. She loves her food and her dental sticks. I also appreciate having it deliverd to my home as l have no car to transport heavy bags of dog foodl fid the option to bring foward or delay deliveries useful. I have no worries about running out of food. I like how it is mixed only a short time befor delivery so it arrives at its best.

  7. Since Negrita came home to the UK from the Amazon jungle I have fed her nothing but Tails.com food.
    Her skin and weight were an issue on arrival but now, 9 months later, she is in perfect health.
    The only thing she doesn’t like – is the delivery driver that brings the food, ha!
    Highly recommended product and I tell everyone about it.
    Keep up the great work Tail.com!

  8. My boys can’t get enough tails.com. Everyone compilments us on the condition of our Collies and Tollers coats. It is also nice to Toller featured in advert.

  9. My Lola absolutely loves Tails, in 13 years I’ve never known her to be interested in food (always chose to play and nibbled what was in her bowl through the day) and now she loves it so much – myself and my husband are absolutely gobsmacked! Thank you so much Tails ❤️

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