Is playing fetch bad for dogs?

is playing fetch bad for dogs

Human beings love ranking their favourite games. From playground games when were a kid, to different sports that we learn to enjoy growing up. Youtube is full of lists of favourite boardgames, video games and puzzles and we have thousands of options to choose from in each category. Ask most dogs what their top five … Read more

Finding your four-legged Valentine

getting a rescue dog

Bringing a rescue dog into your home is a huge commitment, but it’s also so rewarding. Finding the perfect dog is, however, no mean feat – so we’re here to help you find love for life this Valentine’s. Remember, it can take weeks or even months to find the right dog for you. You’ll have … Read more

It’s a ‘No’ From The Norwegian Judge

Carolyn Menteith is a behaviourist at with over 25 years of experience working with and training dogs. The big news that has taken the canine world by storm is that Norway has effectively banned the breeding of Bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels after the Oslo District Court ruled that the breeding of these … Read more

Antisocial dog behaviour: what to do and how to prevent it

In the past 2 years, almost half of the UK’s dogs have been threatened by another dog in a public space*, according to a recent survey we conducted. With 2.1 million people adding a dog to their family during lockdown**, public spaces are busier than ever and a third of people surveyed thought that the … Read more

If dogs had Tinder…it’s a superlike for Bear

Bear headshot

We’re sharing everything that makes our dogs special, and next on our list is the adorable Bear. This four-year-old Schnack (that’s a Schnauzer x Jack Russell) is a rescue from London – and the resident comedian in owner Kim’s house. He’s cheeky, super-confident, and a little bit of a mummy’s boy…just don’t tell anyone! The … Read more

If dogs had Tinder…let’s meet Sitka


This month we’re celebrating all the things that make our dogs special – we’ve met Humbug, and now it’s time to introduce our next star. Meet Sitka: originally found wandering the streets in France, her breed is a bit of a mystery (although owner Nahia thinks there’s some Pyrenean Shepherd in her). She’s totally laid … Read more

If dogs had Tinder…we’d swipe right for Humbug


Dogs come in the most amazing shapes and sizes – and as this month is one for love, we want to celebrate all the things that make our dogs special. From snoozy seniors to brand-new puppies, we’d swipe right on every one if we could! First up, let’s meet Humbug. Originally from Ireland, Humbug is … Read more guest blog: StreetVet

We’ve been working with charity StreetVet for years and this year more than most, we wanted to give them a voice on our blog to tell you about the amazing work they do. This is co-founder Jade Statt telling us about the impact of 2020 on StreetVet in her own words.  “With COVID-19 taking hold … Read more