Our favourite Christmas gifts this season

Dog Christmas gifts

We love to give back to our dogs, especially at Christmas. With that in mind, we’ve put together our favourite gift ideas for this holiday season. From all-in-one Christmas boxes to limited edition vinyls, this list has you covered. Happy shopping, and tag us in your best gifts on Instagram – using #luckiestdogever! The Happy … Read more

Let’s talk: dogs, bad breath and how to fix it

A kiss before work, a cuddle before bed – dogs being affectionate is the best. But those face licks are less cute when there’s smelly dog breath involved. There’s a whole host of reasons your dog might have bad breath, but most are an easy fix and – especially when it comes to cleaner teeth … Read more

T’s & C’s: tails.com and Canine Kleptomaniacs competition

How it works START DATE: Wednesday 12th August. END DATE: 11.59pm, Tuesday 18th August. WINNER CHOSEN: By Friday 21st August. PRIZE: There will be 2 winners, on from Facebook and one from Instagram. Each winner will get: 3 months’ free tails.com food and treats, 1 x copy of Canine Kleptomaniacs game. How to enter On … Read more

T’s & C’s: tails.com and Patch competition

How it works START DATE: Saturday 25th July 2020. END DATE: 11.59pm, Saturday 15th August 2020. WINNER CHOSEN: By Wednesday 19th August. PRIZE: 3 months’ free tails.com food and treats, £500 voucher from Patch Plants How to enter Fill in your name and email address on our competition page which can be found at https://tails.com/gb/lp/patchplants/ … Read more

Can dogs eat fish and seafood?

poisson chien

Want to know more about feeding fish to your dog? We’re here to help you get to know your haddock from your halibut. Cooked plain – without any added fat, seasoning or sauces – fish is a brilliant addition to your dog’s diet and helps everything from their coat and skin to their joints (thank … Read more

What foods are harmful to dogs?

foods poisonous to dogs

We’ve got so many dogs running around the office everyday that we’ve really got to be careful about what food we leave lying around. We put this poster up in the office kitchen to help us remember.