We’re loving: Harbour Hounds

We’re obsessed with these drying robes from Harbour Hounds. Nautically inspired and practical to boot, they’re perfect to pop on after swimming, baths and downpours. The robes quickly wick moisture away and trap air and body heat to keep your dog warm as they dry off 🐶 They’re easy to fasten (no fiddly plastic clips) … Read more

Dog food for Senior Dogs

Senior dog food

Dog food for senior dogs  As dogs get older, their eating habits change – and so does the food they need. Most dog foods are designed with a dog’s life stage in mind, so it’s a good idea to think about changing their food as they get older. This ensures they get all the essential … Read more

Whip up some delicious pup pancakes

Dog pancake recipe

We’re planning to tuck into a pancake feast this Pancake Day – so we’ve put together this quick and simple dog-friendly recipe so your dogs can join the fun, too. Our pup pancakes are both gluten-free and grain-free, perfect for dogs (or humans!) who may have wheat allergies. They’re really tasty – as our office … Read more

Itch-Festation – The Gruesome Truth About Fleas

flea calendar

Flea season is well and truly upon us. As the temperature starts to drop, households all over the UK will turn on their central heating which could prompt an ‘itch-festation’ to erupt in households across the nation.  Lockdown was the perfect breeding ground for fleas. We enjoyed longer ­periods of time outdoors with our pets … Read more

Our favourite Christmas gifts this season

Dog Christmas gifts

We love to give back to our dogs, especially at Christmas. With that in mind, we’ve put together our favourite gift ideas for this holiday season. From all-in-one Christmas boxes to limited edition vinyls, this list has you covered. Happy shopping, and tag us in your best gifts on Instagram – using #luckiestdogever! The Happy … Read more

How to keep your dog at a healthy weight

Dog weight management

It’s important to keep your dog at a healthy weight – this will mean they’re happier and healthier in the long run – but sometimes it can be tough! Food-motivated dogs can quickly pile on the pounds, while fussy eaters can sometimes be leaner than they should be. And as dog obesity rises, it’s important … Read more

How many treats should I give my dog?

You’ve worked out your dog’s daily food allowance – but what about treats? How many treats should you give your dog? Treats can add more to your dog’s daily calorie intake than you realise, which can put your dog on the path to weight gain. Why do I need to count treats?     Too many … Read more

Can dogs eat fish and seafood?

poisson chien

Want to know more about feeding fish to your dog? We’re here to help you get to know your haddock from your halibut. Cooked plain – without any added fat, seasoning or sauces – fish is a brilliant addition to your dog’s diet and helps everything from their coat and skin to their joints (thank … Read more

What to do if your dog has arthritis


Dogs slow down as they get older, just like we do. Watching your dog find walking or running harder is tough – so we include glucosamine and chondroitin as standard in our food to support their joints from an early age. Making sure your dog has a healthy lifestyle and the right nutrition can help … Read more

What foods are harmful to dogs?

foods poisonous to dogs

We’ve got so many dogs running around the office everyday that we’ve really got to be careful about what food we leave lying around. We put this poster up in the office kitchen to help us remember.