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why we believe tailor-made is best for your senior dog

All our dry dog food is tailor-made and blended according to each dog's individual needs and preferences to create an optimised balance of nutrients just for them. Age is one factor we take into account to ensure that your senior dog is getting all the nutrients they need to be at their happiest and healthiest during this stage of their life.

How our blends meet your senior dog's needs


Stiff and sore joints are a common problem in older dogs, so we can enrich your dog's blend with Omega fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy joints.

Ideal Weight

Overweight elderly dogs with a reduced metabolism typically receive a lower-calorie blend to help get them back to their ideal weight, with high fibre to keep them feeling full.

Energy Requirements

Because most senior dogs are not as physically active as they used to be, their overall energy requirement and need for protein are reduced. We take this into account, reducing the calorie density and protein levels of their food.

Health Conditions

Senior dogs can be prone to health problems like arthritis and pancreatitis. With the option to tell us about these conditions in our two minute consultation, or to get in touch and discuss their specific health issues we can optimise a diet to cater for their needs.

How we evolve your senior dog's food as they age

Our Blend Evolution system gradually adjusts the balance of nutrients such as protein, fat, fibre and carbohydrates in your dog's blend in-line with their changing needs as they grow older. You can also let us know about any changes in your dog's condition or health by updating their profile online, and we will adapt their blend accordingly.

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