Hondenvoeding op maat voor senioren, voor een vitaal leven

Tailored to meet your dog's changing needs

Less fat and calories for a slower pace

Glucosamine to soothe stiff joints

Wat is de beste voeding voor senioren?

Walking slows down a bit, naps are more frequent, and weight may have increased. You will always find a unique recipe of chunks for your loyal buddy. As your dog gets older, we adjust the recipe. Always a complete diet that helps with stiff joints, reduced movement and even breed-specific diseases - including pancreatitis. Keep your senior vital for life.

Hond likt lippen en geniet van senior hondenvoer

Een recept voor het leven

Some brands of dog food switch from 'adult' to 'senior' in one go - that's not the case with us. We base our nutrition on everything you tell us, in other words the recipe grows with your dog. Every time, for example, the weight or effort level changes, you adjust the profile and we ensure that the recipe contains the right mix of ingredients, for every phase of life.

Zo maken we senior voeding speciaal voor jouw hond

We adapt your dog's unique dry food recipe to the common problems associated with aging:

Hondenvoer voor gewrichtsproblemen icoon

Stijve gewrichten

Our recipes contain a megamix for flexible joints, including glucosamine and chondroitin - proven to contribute to joint resilience.

Hondenvoer voor gewichtsbeheer icoon

Ideaal gewicht

Depending on the breed, older dogs lose weight more easily or gain weight because their metabolism is slower. We put together a recipe with the right calories to help your dog maintain the ideal weight.

Hondenvoer voor meer energie icoon


As your dog gets older, you walk less often and your dog takes a nap more often. Therefore, we adjust the calories and fat in the diet to these lower exercise levels.

Hondenvoer voor gezondheidsaandoeningen icoon


Senior dogs are more likely to have problems such as arthritis and pancreatitis. Tell us about your dog's health and we will make sure that the recipe meets all specific needs.