Tailored senior dog food to keep them full of life

Tailored to match your dog's changing needs

Reduced fat and calories to suit a slower pace

Glucosamine to help relieve stiff joints

What makes the best senior dog food?

A little slower. A little snoozier. Possibly a little extra weight too. We’ll create a unique recipe of dry food for your senior dog. And it’ll adapt as they age, so they’ll always have the right nutrition to support stiff joints, reduced exercise and even breed-specific issues and health conditions. Keeping them full of life, for life.

Dog licking lips enjoying senior dog food

A recipe for life

Some dog foods jump from ‘adult’ to ‘senior’ in a single bound – but ours doesn’t. Because it’s based on everything you tell us about your dog, their unique recipe develops as they do. Update their profile as their weight and activity levels change, and we’ll update their recipe with the right mix of ingredients for every stage of their life.

How we make senior dog food just for your dog

We can adapt your dog’s unique recipe of dry food to deal with the common issues that come with age:

Dog food for joint problems icon

Joint support

We add glucosamine and chondroitin to help support and maintain healthy joints and aid mobility.

Dog food for weight management icon

Ideal weight

Depending on the breed, older dogs lose or gain weight more easily as their metabolism slows down. We’ll create a recipe with the right calories to help your dog maintain their ideal weight.

Dog food for higher energy icon

Energy requirements

As your dog gets older, expect fewer laps of the park and more naps after exercise. We’ll adjust the calories and fat in their food to match these lower energy levels.

Dog food for health conditions icon

Health conditions

Senior dogs are more likely to get things like arthritis and pancreatitis. Tell us about any health conditions your dog has and we’ll make sure their recipe reflects their specific needs.