Tailored dog food for sensitive stomachs

Beneficial fibre sources for healthy digestion

Enriched with prebiotics to promote gut health

Antioxidants to boost immune defences

Food to settle that sensitive tummy

We know why you're here - loose poos, occasional vomiting and way too much farting. We take care of your dog's digestion problems with a unique recipe of dry food, balanced with prebiotics and the right kinds of fibre to settle that sensitive stomach for good.

Our approach to sensitive dog food

We include specific ingredients to help with your dog’s digestion and immune system.

Gut health

Gut health

We use ingredients like beet pulp and FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides) to help nourish the natural bacteria in your dog’s gut and make nutrients easier to absorb.

Immune system

Immune system

We include ingredients like vitamins A, E, zinc, selenium and a yeast extract called MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharides) to help boost your dog’s immune defences in the gut.

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