2022 wrapped – tails.com Community Fund 

Three women from Refuge4Pets charity sitting on a bench with 3 dogs, tails.com Community Fund logo of crossing dog tails on lefthand side

We set up the tails.com Community Fund in 2020 during the pandemic, as a way to help improve the lives of dogs and their owners across the UK. A programme of support for charity partners, chosen by tails.com customers in their local community.  Since then, we’ve worked hard to build long-term relationships with these incredible … Read more

Canine Christmas Code

Black and white spaniel peeking out from behind Christmas tree and green wrapped Christmas presents

For us, Christmas is usually a happy time full of love, laughter and happiness – but for our dogs the holiday season can often be a time of unpredictability, change and stress that causes much more anxiety than it does festive cheer. And that can come with a dangerous fallout. It’s no coincidence that the … Read more

How Cold is Too Cold to Walk Your Dog?

Husky with closed eyes. snowflakes falling around

I wish I could give you an easy answer to this question! One of those “when the temperature is ** degrees, stay inside, wrap up warm and curl up on the sofa and watch trashy films instead of taking your dog out” answers… But it isn’t anywhere near as straightforward as that, so the best … Read more

What are the signs your dog loves you?

Dog rest head on owner's leg on sofa

Love is one of those strange things that you recognise when you see it but can’t really put your finger on describing exactly what it is… It’s just a ‘feeling’. A feeling of belonging, of security, of the world being a better place when you are with your beloved, and of knowing in your heart … Read more