Why do dogs scratch?

Golden Retriever sitting on grass scratching ear

There’s nothing quite like a good scratch sometimes. But then there’s the kind of itch that drives you round the bend. The same goes for your dog. So when you see your dog scratch over and over again, it’s time to find out why.  Reasons your dog has itchy skin It’s best to find the … Read more

How to remove a tick from your dog

Blue background reading "how to remove a tick from your dog" with a small illustrated tick to the right

Found a shiny grey pea-sized bump clinging to your dog? That’s probably a tick! They’re not pretty, that’s for sure. And neither you nor your dog want this hanger-on loitering for long. So here, we’ve put together a full guide to these tiny terrors, and (importantly) how to remove a tick from your dog. All … Read more

Best day out with your dog

Terrier Cross standing on grassing hill looking to the left, with a castle on the hill in the background

Thankfully summer is well and truly on the way, and after the long, wet winter, we can start thinking about planning fun days out again. It’s only natural that you want your dog to come with you – part of the joy of having a pooch is you share all the good things in life … Read more

How to use a flea comb on dogs

Wet Spaniel running in grass field towards camera

With the weather warming up and the lighter evenings, we’re all out and about with our dogs for longer. Maybe you’ve just upped your walks to two or three times a day. A long-awaited treat for you both, but also for these persistent parasites. So it’s best to be on your guard and whip out … Read more

How do you host the perfect dog birthday?

Golden Labrador looking into camera from sitting position, with birthday party confetti behind

The date’s in the diary. It’s marked on the wall calendar. Yes, your dog’s birthday is coming up. Have you made big plans? Or keeping it low key? Much like us, some dogs are super sociable and are the life of the party. Others prefer a quiet celebration with that special someone. Here, we’ve put … Read more

Dogs and driving: what to think about

Golden Retriever on a dog seat cover in the back of a car, restrained with a dog seat belt

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about days out, holidays and exploring the countryside with our dogs. For most of us, that means driving somewhere – so how can you make sure your dog enjoys the experience as much as you do – and how can you keep them (and you) safe … Read more

Planting a dog-friendly garden

Golden Cocker Spaniel looking right in front of blurred garden background

Getting outside with our dogs is one of life’s great pleasures. And what better way to spend that time than mucking in with some dog-friendly plants and gardening – after all, a dog makes an ideal digging partner!  When making decisions about beds, borders and bulbs, it’s worth knowing how to plant a dog-friendly garden. … Read more

What Easter treats can my dog eat?

Australian Shepherd lying down with Easter bunny toy

With Easter just around the corner, many of our thoughts will be turning to treats like chocolate, egg hunts, or maybe a roast lunch with the family. But before your dog joins in the celebrations, read our guide to which Easter foods are safe for them to eat – and which to avoid! Roast lamb … Read more