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How it began was launched in the summer of 2014 by CEO James Davidson, and a group of dog lovers, vets and nutritionists, all with a shared vision of changing the world of pet food for good.

Being dog owners ourselves, we found it incredibly hard to work out what to feed them to make sure they were getting what they needed. Every dog is different - they are the most diverse species on the planet - so it’s unsurprising that nutritional requirements vary. Previously, the only food available was one-size-fits-all foods with confusing portion advice. We knew there had to be a better way. No dog is like your dog, and their food should be unique too. algorithm

Our algorithm

We created an algorithm which uses the information owners provide (including breed, age, health conditions, activity levels and flavour preferences), and combined it with our experience in nutrition and cutting-edge technology, to create exactly the right balance of nutrients for each and every dog.  Better yet, it adjusts their recipe as they age, so customers never have to switch food.

Dental Dailies

Innovative approach

Our innovative approach to technology and manufacturing means we’re able to offer this level of personalisation at huge scale. And because we sell directly to our customers, we’re able to offer their dogs’ unique recipe at affordable prices.

There’s a box delivered to our customers’ doors every month, and we have an award-winning team of vets and nutritionists on hand to help with one-to-one support and advice. currently delivers throughout the UK and France.