Tailored puppy food, for each tiny step.


Happily fed puppies


Puppy meals eaten every month

What makes the best puppy food?

Our food gives your puppy the nutrition they need to run and roll and grow and learn. Tell us about your pup and we'll create a recipe of dry food that develops with them as they grow. You get clear portion recommendations and our adjustable scoop too, so it's easy to serve the right amount every day - for a healthy, happy puppy.

An image of one of Tails.com staff dogs called Bear as a puppy.

How it works, for you and your puppy

Create your puppy's profile

Answer a few questions about their age, breed, weight and more.

See their unique recipe

With the right balance of nutrients for healthy development.

Get your first box free (+ delivery)

Get a box delivered every 2 weeks (then monthly from 14 weeks old).

An image of one of Tails.com staff dogs called Bear as a puppy. Annotated with the core areas Tails.com food can help a growing puppy. For example, growth, brain development, energy, immune system and digestive system.

The ingredients your puppy needs

Our puppy food includes the right ingredients to support your puppy's growth and development.

Immune system

Beta-glucans and nucleotides help to enhance and regulate your puppy’s immune system - and offer extra protection by improving their response to vaccinations too.

Digestive system

We use chicken to aid your pup’s delicate digestion. And we include prebiotics like FOS and MOS to help promote good bacteria - very important for puppies.

Mental development

Not many puppy foods include DHA omega-3 – but ours does. This fatty acid is proven to aid learning and socialisation, and reduce the risk of behavioural problems.

Energy for growth

Our energy-dense puppy kibble balances calcium, vitamins and minerals to help build strong bones and support your puppy’s rapid growth

Supporting your puppy as they grow

A delivery every fortnight

2 weeks is a long time for a growing pup, so we keep up with their nutritional needs with fortnightly deliveries.

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A delivery every month

We’ll slowly introduce more kibble types to your dry puppy food, based on their size, breed, activity level and more.

An image with the text "14 weeks onwards"

Ongoing support for life

We keep adjusting your dog’s recipe as they age, so you never have to worry about switching food.

An image with the text "adulthood"
An image of Bear the puppy, and his owner.

We’re here for you

Life with a puppy can be hectic - we know, because we’re dog owners and we’ve been there. We share the most useful things we’ve learnt in the tails.com blog, alongside head vet Sean’s expertise on puppy health, training and so much more. And our customer service team are always on hand, with support available from our veterinary and nutrition teams too.