Your dog's unique kibble recipe

Tailored dog food, the way


Tailored to your dog, it's a 1-in-a-million recipe

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Nutritionally-balanced with goodness in every bite

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No added sugar, colours, flavours or preservatives

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Complete nutrition for your dog

Your dog’s nutritional needs depend on many things – from breed and age to lifestyle and health. Take a few minutes to tell us about your dog. We’ll create a complete kibble recipe that’s 100% supportive, nutritious and satisfying. And just for them.

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What's in our kibble?

Our vets and nutritionists choose each ingredient for the specific nutrients it provides. So your dog gets the right balance of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals they need in every bite.

How our ingredients help your dog

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Delicious meat & fish

Meat and fish are a natural source of protein and fatty acids. Essential for a glossy coat and tip-top body condition.

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Healthy carbohydrates

We use potato and whole grains like wheat, oats, and maize: the carbs that help your dog bounce through busy days in the park.

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Nutritious vitamins and minerals

Your dog’s recipe has all the vitamins and minerals they need for a healthy life, supporting their joints, liver, digestion and more.

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No added sugar

We focus on the best nutrition for your dog, so there’s no added sugar, artificial colours, or artificial flavours in our dry dog food.

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Your dog's unique recipe

Does your dog prefer chicken or fish? Grain or no grain? When it comes to your dog's 1-in-a-million recipe, everything you tell us counts. We give you portion recommendations so it's easy to feed the right amount, every mealtime. The recipe changes with your dog as they age – so they get the support they need for a healthy and happy life.

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Quality assured

Better ingredients mean tastier food - and happier dogs. We blend your dog's kibble fresh every time and because we have our own factory, we know exactly what goes in - ensuring it meets our stringent quality checks every time.

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