Food for thought

Crossbreed tan dog with mouth open and pricked ears look at camera, empty bowl on floor in background

A frequent question I’m asked is ‘are there foods that will improve my dog’s behaviour’ or ‘are there foods that will make my dog’s behaviour worse?’. That might seem a simple enough question but the answer certainly isn’t straightforward. Food does affect behaviour (anyone who’s attempted to look after small children who are full of … Read more

Do dogs smile?

Golden Labrador with mouth slightly open in flower field

Recently I was asked if dogs can smile. A great question – and yes of course they can – but unlike us, dogs don’t smile with their mouths and teeth but with their tail.  Actually, to be more accurate, a dog smiles with their whole body but the tail is the closest thing to a … Read more

Walk, don’t walk.

Golden Spaniel walking in field with 2 people in the background behind

Part of life with our dogs is the daily – or twice daily – dog walk. When we look to take a doginto our lives, one of the things we look at is how much exercise they need and factor that intoour choice of breed (or at least we should!). With unpredictable weather changes, the … Read more

It’s party time – or is it?

Golden Labrador with tongue out in front of Let's Party sign

We all love a party – but the type of party we like varies from person to person.  For the extrovert social butterflies amongst us, a huge get-together with an endless source of people to meet, talk to and have fun with, is their idea of heaven. For the more introverted, however, that sounds like … Read more

‘PUP ROCK’ – UK’s most popular dog breeds’ favourite music genres revealed

As a canine behaviour expert reveals that many dog’s music preferences mirror their owners Have you ever questioned if your dog were a person, who their favourite artist would be? Would they be a ‘Hairy Styles’ fan? Or perhaps they’d like a taste of ‘Motley Chew’?  Well, with almost 1,000 people every month Googling ‘do … Read more

Let’s talk about: stress in dogs

stress in dogs

Carolyn Menteith is a behaviourist at with over 25 years of experience working with and training dogs. Life can be tough for our dogs. We expect so much from them – in fact being a family dog is the hardest job we ever ask a dog to do.  While working dogs usually live with … Read more

How do dogs know their names?

can dogs see in the dark

When you call your faithful companion to your side, they will often run up to you, tail wagging and eyes alert (unless their’s something really interesting like a ball, or another dog or something else that has them engrossed). Because of this, we can deduce that dogs know their names, but how do they work … Read more

Is my dog in pain?

is my dog in pain

There is nothing worse than the thought of our best friend being in pain and them not being able to tell us about it. We love our pets and would do anything for them, so the thought of our dogs being in any sort of discomfort can be quite upsetting. What’s more, dogs have been … Read more

Why does my dog lick my feet after a shower?

why does my dog lick my feet after a shower

It can be a very regular occurrence in many homes. You’ve soaked yourself under some warm water. You’ve lathered, rinsed and repeated, and when you step out of the shower and head to put some clothes on, there’s that familiar feeling of a cold, wet nose and a licking tongue at your feet. But why … Read more