Dog food for Senior Dogs

Senior dog food

Dog food for senior dogs  As dogs get older, their eating habits change – and so does the food they need. Most dog foods are designed with a dog’s life stage in mind, so it’s a good idea to think about changing their food as they get older. This ensures they get all the essential … Read more

Coping with arthritis

Finding out your best friend has arthritis and is getting older and slower can be upsetting, but our friends at Bach Canine Rehab have kindly written some suggestions to help support your dog, and ensure they are kept as happy and comfortable as possible. Speak to your vet regarding suitable pain relief and any supplements … Read more

Tips for senior dogs

Old age can creep up with dogs and it can be easy to miss the little signs and changes in behaviour that show their maturity. Some seniors won’t show their age at all on the outside but most will gain distinguished silver coats and muzzles as they get older. Senior dogs are generally easier to … Read more