How to clean your puppy’s teeth

Puppy Teeth Cleaning

Puppy teeth are a lot like our own, so to keep them healthy and pearly white, your puppy’s teeth need regular brushing to stop tartar and plaque in their tracks.  Sadly, being a puppy means your little one doesn’t know a thing about brushing their own teeth, so introducing them to this new experience is … Read more

Puppy teething – everything you need to know

Puppy Teething Guide

There’s a lot to think about with a new puppy. Housetraining them, socialising them, training goals and feeding needs – they’re all up there, but have you ever thought about those growing puppy teeth? During the first few months, your puppy’s baby teeth fall out and adult teeth grow in their place. Just like babies, … Read more

How much exercise do puppies need?

You’ve bought a lead. You’ve stocked up on poo bags. You and your puppy are ready to go. Exercise is an important part of your energetic puppy’s routine, but too much can increase their chances of suffering from issues like joint pain later in life. So what’s the right amount? Head Vet Sean is here … Read more