10 best autumn dog walks in the UK

Small white dog standing on a hill while out on a dog walk in autumn looking away from the camera, with the sun settting behind

Confession – this might just be our favourite season for dog walking. The cooler weather and colourful foliage make autumn perfect for a longer adventure with your dog. Although the days are getting shorter, there’s still plenty of light to take in some breathtaking views and make the most of the season. So… Where are … Read more

How to take cute dog photos this autumn

Crunchy leaves. Dappled sunlight.  Bonfire smoke. Did we mention crunchy leaves already? One of the highlights of autumn are long walks – ideally with a dog by your side. The changing colours make a striking photo backdrop, and it’s a great opportunity to take cute dog photos this autumn. Tips for taking quality dog photos … Read more

7 fabulous facts about dog poo

Cream Cockapoo standing in a field with tractor tire behind looking at camera

As dog owners, many of us are slightly obsessed with poo. After all, keeping a close eye on your dog’s poo can help you spot when something’s not quite right with your pup.  No judgement, but you folk ask us about poo a lot. In fact, between January and June 2023, you asked us about … Read more

Choosing the perfect dog sitter for your holiday

Red Cavapoo lying in the middle of double bed happily looking toward camera

Leaving your pup with a dog sitter for holidays or extended periods can be tough. While you’re preparing for an exciting time away, your dog may not have the same view of the change ahead — especially when they see you pull the suitcase out of the wardrobe! It’s important to start getting ready in … Read more

10 of the best dog-friendly beaches to visit this summer 

Schanuzer x Jack Russell standing on a pebble beach with the sea behind and wet legs looking to the right

There’s nothing quite like a beach day, but finding a dog-friendly beach in the spring and summer can be tricky. It’s fairly common for some beaches to only allow dogs out of peak season, especially in holiday hot spots like Devon and Cornwall. And some councils have argued in other areas that the ban is … Read more