Water sports with your dog

Dog with life jacket sitting on edge of kayak looking out across water

Some dogs just love water. It’s like it’s in their genes (clue: it is. See the Irish Water Spaniel and the Portuguese Water Dog).  We already know dogs can dry-off quicker than us – humans can’t quite shake 70% of water off our skin in four seconds… yet. But, when it comes to getting on, … Read more

Do dogs smile?

Golden Labrador with mouth slightly open in flower field

Recently I was asked if dogs can smile. A great question – and yes of course they can – but unlike us, dogs don’t smile with their mouths and teeth but with their tail.  Actually, to be more accurate, a dog smiles with their whole body but the tail is the closest thing to a … Read more

‘PUP ROCK’ – UK’s most popular dog breeds’ favourite music genres revealed

As a canine behaviour expert reveals that many dog’s music preferences mirror their owners Have you ever questioned if your dog were a person, who their favourite artist would be? Would they be a ‘Hairy Styles’ fan? Or perhaps they’d like a taste of ‘Motley Chew’?  Well, with almost 1,000 people every month Googling ‘do … Read more

Does my dog need sun cream?

Noodle the Dachshund runs over the fields

A relatively new form of sun care for dogs is to use pet-friendly sun cream. It might surprise you that dogs can get sunburnt and suffer from sun exposure in similar ways to humans. Even more so if your dog has conditions like dermatitis or autoimmune disorders. Before we dive in, remember the best protection … Read more

Travelling abroad with your dog

Man and dog sitting in car boot looking at sunset

For dog owners in Great Britain, the rules for travelling to Northern Ireland or Europe with a dog onboard changed in January 2021. If you’re planning to travel soon, make sure you’re up to date on the latest regulations, so you can travel with peace of mind.  What are the new pet travel rules? Before … Read more

Top 5 Famous Cartoon Dogs


It’s not just real dogs that we like at tails.com. While an in-the-flesh pooch is our favourite, there’s a great deal to be said for cartoon canines and there are so many to choose from. From Huckleberry Hound’s polite and gentle humour, to the antics of Santa’s Little Helper on the Simpsons, there are a … Read more

The top brands every dog needs to know

top dog brands ranked

Last year, pet-mad Brits up and down the country spent £125million on presents for their pooches – and this year is set to be even bigger for Santa Paws.  Our research team here at tails.com have dug deep into the data to reveal which pet brands and trends are dominating the market in the lead … Read more

Are poinsettias safe for dogs?

Are poinsettias safe for dogs?

Many of us have a lot of gift buying to do each year at Christmas, and many of us also take great pride in matching the gift with the recipient. We pick the perfect book out for the avid reader, the ideal toy for the toddler, and the most drinkable bottle of wine for the … Read more

Are Christmas trees dangerous for dogs?

are christmas trees dangerous for dogs

All throughout the UK, and across the world at this time of year, our dogs witness us humans embarking on a strange tradition. This is what goes through their minds: “My humans come home one day, with a tree (which is far more useful outside where you can pee on it) and cover it with … Read more