What Easter treats can my dog eat?

Australian Shepherd lying down with Easter bunny toy

With Easter just around the corner, many of our thoughts will be turning to treats like chocolate, egg hunts, or maybe a roast lunch with the family. But before your dog joins in the celebrations, read our guide to which Easter foods are safe for them to eat – and which to avoid! Roast lamb … Read more

The Joys of an Older Dog

When you have had your dog from a puppy and watched them grow up, it can be hard tothink of them as becoming elderly. When we see our dogs every single day, we often don’tnotice the signs that indicate our canine companions are no longer in their prime and theirage is beginning to catch up … Read more

Why do dogs have whiskers?

how do you know if your dog loves you

Sometimes life isn’t fair. For human males, the morning routine often involves have to shave off his face fuzz before going out to meet the day, and it will be back the next day and the next day and the next day… But all dogs (not just the male ones) not only avoid the annoyance … Read more

Pancreatitis in dogs

what is dog pancreatitis

As dog owners, our priority is keeping our pets happy and healthy. So when they become unwell, it can be really worrying. Pancreatitis is something that a lot of dogs might suffer from, and whether the symptoms are mild or severe, it’s often something that you’ll need to get vet support to help with. Remember, … Read more

Healthy dog, happy dog

baloo runs through the stream

For many of us, food is our love language – but with 38% of us* admitting to feeding our dogs treats just for looking cute, we might be doing more harm than good. We spoke to dog owners across the UK about their feeding habits when it comes to their pets: 24% confessed that their … Read more

Can dogs eat Brussels sprouts?

can dogs eat brussels sprouts

Love ’em or hate ’em, sprouts are synonymous with Christmas dinner. Whether you like yours plain, with bacon and chestnuts, or kept at arm’s length, there’s no doubt these vitamin-packed greens will make an appearance at the table. But the question is – can dogs eat Brussels sprouts? Good news for sprout haters Yep, dogs … Read more

Can dogs eat cranberries?

Can dogs eat cranberries?

It’s around Christmas that cranberries find their way onto our dinner tables and despite ignoring them for much of the rest of the year, they are a “must-have” for many on Christmas day. Whether enjoying them with brie as a canapé, using cranberry sauce to further moisten your turkey, or even adding them to your … Read more

Can dogs eat pigs in blankets?

Can dogs eat pigs in blankets?

There are some things that we include in our Christmas lunches that many wish we could enjoy all year round, and pigs in blankets are very high on many people’s lists. Those delicious little sausages, wrapped in wonderful streaky bacon create an aroma that warms the home and the soul as they are cooked up … Read more