How to stop a dog barking

Dog Barking

Most dogs love a good bark – it’s their way of communicating with us. And for some dog owners it’s part of everyday life. Of course you love the bones of them, but sometimes those persistent woofs can drive you nuts. Not to mention the neighbours too. When barking is too much and too often, … Read more

How to teach your dog to stay at home alone

How to teach your dog to stay at home alone

If there’s one thing our dogs love most, it’s being by our side. When we need to leave, sometimes it’s not easy for both us and our canine friends. We’ve all felt the guilt after closing the door on those sad puppy dog eyes. We often find ourselves wondering what they get up to all … Read more

How to help your dog cope in life after lockdown

Corgi at home

While we’ve been stuck indoors, our dogs have got used to spending a few solid weeks with their favourite people. Lucky pups, and lucky humans! Although we’d love to live life with our pooches by our side, at some point the world has to go back to normal. Which means for many dogs, things at … Read more

Anxiety in dogs

Anxiety in dogs

When it comes to dogs, we think of waggy tails and those happy dog smiles. So when your dog shows signs of anxiety and anxious behaviours, it can feel very worrying. Warning signs aren’t always obvious, so we’ve put together this blog on what causes anxiety in your dog, how to spot it, as well … Read more

Why do dogs eat grass?

Dog eating grass

There are lots of reasons why your dog might be eating grass, with just as many myths and theories about where this behaviour comes from. But one thing vets and experts can agree on is that a dog eating grass is perfectly normal behaviour, as long as it’s only in small amounts. Is my dog … Read more

How to stop your dog pulling on the lead

laisse chien

When your dog constantly pulls on the lead it can turn a leisurely walk into a battle of wills. If you feel like your walks are suffering, we’ve got some good news – these training tips are right by your side. Armed with these and a little love and patience you can show your dog … Read more

Feeding time behaviour: our top tips

A healthy appetite and enthusiasm around food can be signs of a happy dog. But when your dog seems to love their food a little too much – lunging at anything vaguely edible or growling when someone comes near their bowl – it can be cause for concern. Head Vet Sean is here with some … Read more

My dog seems sad – is it depression?

We’re used to our dogs being a source of happiness, so it can be heartbreaking to see them appearing sad – especially if this lasts for a long time. Could your dog be depressed? There’s no definitive answer to whether dogs suffer from depression the same way we do. That can make it a tricky … Read more

Is my dog bored?

Bored dog

With a busy work-life schedule, finding time to entertain your dog isn’t always easy. But a few tweaks to your dog’s routine can go a long way to keeping boredom at bay. How do I know if my dog is bored? Different dogs react to boredom in different ways. Signs your dogs could be bored … Read more