How to help your dog love dinner time

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blogcover_cleanthebowlAt, we know that every dog is different. Some dogs clear their dinner bowls within seconds whereas others are less excited by their food and would rather be playing, sleeping or waiting for treats instead. Just like humans, dogs can be fussy eaters too. We’ve put together a list of tips to help your dog love dinner time:

  1. Cut down on other food

If you’re feeding your dog treats or scraps in between meals, their appetite will be reduced and they’ll be more likely to turn their nose up at dinner.

  1. Mix it up

The flavours in dog foods can often be enhanced with a few tricks. To help bring out the aromas, try:

  • Warming the kibbles up in the microwave for a few seconds
  • Combining the kibbles with warm water
  • Adding a low-salt gravy
  • Adding a small amount of watered down Marmite
  1. Add some variety

To change up your dog’s menu, try adding a small amount of wet food to their dry kibbles. This will add some different meaty smells, tastes and textures to grab their attention. At we have a range of 15 delicious recipes, the perfect accompaniment to your dog’s tailor-made dry blend including tasty jellies, meaty pâtés and hearty gravies. Find out more at


  1. Adapt the routine

Try to feed your dog just once a day (that means no treats or scraps!) and if the food is uneaten after 15 minutes, remove the bowl. Keep up this routine for a few days, demonstrating to your dog that dinner time is the key meal of the day. Keep in mind, however, that puppies under 6 months need to be fed more often than once a day.

  1. Ask us for a reblend

For customers, if your dog still isn’t too keen on their food after a week, we’re more than happy to arrange a reblend of their tailor-made dry food. We’ll keep the same levels of nutrients but use different ingredients with different tastes. Our customer support team are available to help and advise you, so don’t hesitate to contact us at

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