2023 wrapped – tails.com charity giving update

StreetVet charity co-founders Jade and Sam wearing black StreetVet hoodies, kneeling down while stroking Bailey the brown and white Staffordshire terrier and StreetVet graduate. StreetVet and tails.com Community Fund logos on right side

2023 may be over, but we aren’t done with it quite yet! We’ve been busy with our calculators to share the positive impact that you, the Pack, helped us achieve last year. So make yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy this tails.com charity update. Let the good news roll! The Community Fund continues We … Read more

10 best autumn dog walks in the UK

Small white dog standing on a hill while out on a dog walk in autumn looking away from the camera, with the sun settting behind

Confession – this might just be our favourite season for dog walking. The cooler weather and colourful foliage make autumn perfect for a longer adventure with your dog. Although the days are getting shorter, there’s still plenty of light to take in some breathtaking views and make the most of the season. So… Where are … Read more

Christmas LickiMat recipe for dogs

Christmas LickiMat recipe - spinach and wet food arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree on a LickiMat

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree – how delicious you look to me! The festive season is finally upon us, and there are plenty of ways for your canine companions to join in the fun. Including our festive LickiMat recipe for dogs! This is one Christmas tree you won’t mind your dog attacking from all angles…. … Read more

Top tips for walking your dog in the dark

Cockapoo dog wearing orange light up colour for walking in the dark

During autumn the shorter days mean there’s less daylight for those all-important walkies. While your dog still needs their daily exercise, that afternoon stroll can feel less appealing when the sun’s not shining. So we’re here to help! Read our top tips for walking your dog in the dark – so you can enjoy your … Read more

How to take cute dog photos this autumn

Crunchy leaves. Dappled sunlight.  Bonfire smoke. Did we mention crunchy leaves already? One of the highlights of autumn are long walks – ideally with a dog by your side. The changing colours make a striking photo backdrop, and it’s a great opportunity to take cute dog photos this autumn. Tips for taking quality dog photos … Read more

It’s back! Our 2023 dog Advent Calendar is here…

tails.com Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar for dogs standing upright, with star and paw-shaped biscuits lined up in front and pink, blue and yellow pompoms hanging from the ceiling

It’s always nice to know your Christmas gifts will be spreading joy and doing some good right? Enter the tails.com Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar. Officially on the nice list, this dog Advent Calendar is 100% recyclable and designed to spark some serious joy! Last year’s sell-out favourite, our team has been hard at work to … Read more

Apple recipe ideas for your dog

Apples piled in a bowl, chopping board in front with apple chopped in half and knife to the side

Autumn has much more to offer than just pumpkin spice lattes. It’s also apple season! The good news? They’re a delicious dog-friendly snack and great source of fibre – provided you remove the pips first. Our range of seasonal recipes will help you use up any excess apples, whether you’re a keen baker or you … Read more

Dog sleeping positions: do they mean anything?

Schnauzer Jack Russell cross sleeping in a soft fleecey dog bed with a blanket

Our dogs’ quirky behaviour can provide endless amusement. And, in our opinion, there’s nothing quite as funny as dog sleeping positions! The tails.com office dogs are often found in strange positions while they catch forty winks… But here’s the thing: all those curious sleeping positions have different meanings. In this post, we’ll tell you all … Read more