Apple recipe ideas for your dog

Apples piled in a bowl, chopping board in front with apple chopped in half and knife to the side

Autumn has much more to offer than just pumpkin spice lattes. It’s also apple season! The good news? They’re a delicious dog-friendly snack and great source of fibre – provided you remove the pips first. Our range of seasonal recipes will help you use up any excess apples, whether you’re a keen baker or you … Read more

Dog sleeping positions: do they mean anything?

Schnauzer Jack Russell cross sleeping in a soft fleecey dog bed with a blanket

Our dogs’ quirky behaviour can provide endless amusement. And, in our opinion, there’s nothing quite as funny as dog sleeping positions! The office dogs are often found in strange positions while they catch forty winks… But here’s the thing: all those curious sleeping positions have different meanings. In this post, we’ll tell you all … Read more

The 2023 dog Christmas gift guide

Norwegian Buhund with Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar and Jack Brussell toy

The most wonderful time of the year is nearly here. Time to start thinking about finding the perfect gifts…but never fear – our 2023 dog Christmas gift guide has everything you need! 

Meet our long-term charity partner StreetVet

StreetVet co-founders Jade Statt and Sam Joseph kneeling with a dog

Here at, it’s our mission is to improve the lives of pets and their owners from all walks of life. That’s why we deliver tailor-made nutrition to canine companions across the country – and champion dog welfare on their behalf. So, today we are thrilled to announce our continuing support for our charity partner … Read more

How we’re improving our kibble bags kibble bag on kitchen work surface, perfect portion scoop and bowl with tailor-made kibble in front

Here at, we’re on a mission to improve the world of pet food for good. And minimising our environmental impact is a major part of achieving this goal.  Whether that’s the kind of energy we use, the ingredients we source, or the packaging that arrives on your doorstep. In this blog, we’ll dig into … Read more

Join the October Walking Challenge for Dementia UK

Three office dogs in the park, all wearing pink, blue and white Dementia UK and bandanas

Are you ready to do something amazing this autumn? Join us in Dementia UK’s October Dog Walking Challenge! We’ll be teaming up with our dogs to walk 100km across the month and raise funds for Dementia UK to hire more specialist nurses. Time to dust off those hiking boots… Walk 100km for a great cause  … Read more

7 fabulous facts about dog poo

Cream Cockapoo standing in a field with tractor tire behind looking at camera

As dog owners, many of us are slightly obsessed with poo. After all, keeping a close eye on your dog’s poo can help you spot when something’s not quite right with your pup.  No judgement, but you folk ask us about poo a lot. In fact, between January and June 2023, you asked us about … Read more Poo Bags – made from 100% recycled materials

Hand holding new poo bags pack up outdoors, made from recycled materials

🇫🇷- Read about our new Poo Bags in French. 🇩🇪- Read about our new Poo Bags in German. If you’re reading this post, then you’ve probably picked up a few dog poos in your time! As dog owners, we know how hard it is to find the perfect poo bag. One that’s eco-friendly, as well … Read more

Choosing the perfect dog sitter for your holiday

Red Cavapoo lying in the middle of double bed happily looking toward camera

Leaving your pup with a dog sitter for holidays or extended periods can be tough. While you’re preparing for an exciting time away, your dog may not have the same view of the change ahead — especially when they see you pull the suitcase out of the wardrobe! It’s important to start getting ready in … Read more