Why do dogs need carbohydrates?

Carbohydrate is a great source of energy for dogs and, if from whole grains, can provide a slow-releasing, sustainable source of energy which can help build stamina and reduce appetite in very hungry dogs. Carbohydrates are also the ingredients that provide fibre in the diet, ensuring good digestion and absorption.

Of course there is another side to carbohydrates and at tails.com we are careful not to use any added sugars in any of our blends – these refined sugars have been linked to behavioural problems as well as in longer term conditions like diabetes and obesity.

Carbohydrates are often ignored or not considered as significant as other essential nutrients needed for essential growth and repair in the dog’s body, but despite this they have an important role to play in keeping your dog healthy and full of energy.

Tails.com can offer a variety of different carbohydrate options. Every carbohydrate is named in each individually tailored feeding plan and we also list the amount of each. We can offer whole grain blends, easily digestible versions (brown rice and oats for example) and even exclude grain from blends completely so we cover all the different options that dogs could need.


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