Myth Buster: Give the dog a bone?

160706_TAILS_JUL LM Social posts-02At we often get asked whether it is safe or beneficial to feed bones to dogs. These are two separate questions. The simple answer to whether feeding bones is safe is no, as there can be many complications and dangers when feeding both raw and cooked bones:

  •       Raw bones can spoil and carry harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli that can lead to gastroenteritis as well as being a human health hazard in the family home.
  •      Bone fragments, both raw and cooked, can splinter or be swallowed in large chunks leading to serious consequences like blockage of the stomach and intestines, severe constipation, internal bleeding and even perforation of the gut which would require lifesaving surgery.
  •        Chewing bones on a regular basis can lead to chipped teeth and tooth root abscesses.
  •       Choking injuries and bone fragments lodging in the mouth causing pain and infection are also a risk.

In regards to feeding bones being beneficial, although the bone itself is extremely high in mineral content such as calcium and phosphorus, these are found in sufficient quantities in most available dog food. It is the other meaty components such as fat, cartilage, muscle and connective tissue attached to bones which provide any significant nutritional value.

The mental stimulation and enjoyment factors as well as time occupied with chewing bones can be seen as beneficial, but these effects can just as easily and certainly more safely be provided by chew and puzzle toys containing food. Similarly, the dental cleaning action of chewing bones can be provided by appropriate chew toys and dental chews such as our Dental Dailies.

Even if we take into account all the assumed benefits of feeding bones to our dogs, with the small chance of serious complications our advice at is to find a safer alternative. The old saying “give the dog a bone” may not be the best advice after all.

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6 thoughts on “Myth Buster: Give the dog a bone?”

  1. Rubbish.

    There’s as much, if not more chance of salmonella and ecoli from dried dog food. You only have to look at the number of massive recalls that have taken place across the world.

    Scare tactics by a company peddling carbohydrate laden “personalised” meals.

    You wouldn’t eat McDonald’s 365 days a year so why feed dogs the same overly processed rubbish.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Feeding bones is something our customers often ask us about so our aim in our post is to provide information for owners so they feel able to make their own choices.

      We take pride in producing tailor made, balanced and nutritionally complete food which is designed to promote a healthy, happy and above all long life for our customers’ dogs. As a dry food, our tailor-made blends are made from kibbles that are cooked and have quality and safety controls in place, and we comply with the regulations for the safe manufacture of pet foods.

      As raw bones are not cooked, the risk of bacteria being present is higher than a fully cooked food. We wanted to make sure that this was something owners considered for how to use and store raw bones in their home if that’s what they choose to do.

      The team

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