Meet: The Pomeranian


For this month’s breed post we have the small and lovable Pomeranian. Nicknamed ‘the little dog who thinks he can’, this dog may be compact but don’t be fooled, he has a huge personality and lust for life.

The Pomeranian is the smallest member of the Spitz family, the largest being the German Spitz.

Before 1888, Pomeranians were a little known and relatively obscure breed. It was in this same year that Queen Victoria took a trip to Italy and fell in love with a little Pomeranian named Marco. From that point on the breed’s popularity skyrocketed.

Although Pomeranians are quite active dogs, they are well suited to living in an apartment and do not necessarily need a garden. They tend to be quite active indoors, and are more than happy with several short walks and some fun indoor play time each day. As the Pom has an independent nature, this is a good choice of breed for older people or those with a busy lifestyle.

Like all dogs, early exposure to new situations and socialisation with different dogs will be the key to success. A well adjusted Pom absolutely adores meeting new people and loves the limelight, as well as having a good play in the park with other dogs. Like the nickname suggests, this little pooch doesn’t seem to be at all aware of it’s small stature, and may challenge bigger dogs which can lead to problems. Independent and fearless, they can sometimes get themselves into trouble.

Alert and inquisitive, Pomeranians make fantastic watch dogs and have quite a loud bark to alert you of anything untoward or out of the norm. Of course you don’t want any kind of excessive barking to get out of hand, so this again falls in place with ensuring good training is set in place. It’s fine to bark a few times when the doorbell rings but they need to learn that after they’ve alerted you, they have to stop.

Pomeranians are incredibly smart little dogs and love to learn new things. Teaching your Pom tricks will be a great way to bond with your dog. They get to not only challenge their minds, but also be the centre of your attention – two of their favourite things.

If a Pom is given structure and rules to follow, this dog can be a well-rounded, loyal and wonderful family companion.

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  3. Wow, what an fantastic tribute to Pomeranians! This put up fantastically encapsulates the charm, intelligence, and all-around brilliant characteristics of these fluffy companions. As a Pomeranian enthusiast, I located this article now not solely informative however additionally heartwarming.


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