Dog Photography: Tips for taking your dog’s photo

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You might have the most photogenic dog in the world but sometimes it can be really tricky to capture a good picture of them. Some dogs are just plain camera shy and some can even sense if you’re trying to take a sneaky picture on your phone. We had a chat with a few of our favourite dog photographers to get their top tips.


Firstly, Rachel Oates from who has a fantastic subject in her little corgi Winston. If you’d like to check out their Instagram account please pop over to @winnythecorgi to see some seriously cute snaps!

“Be creative. Think about taking photographs from different angles, like getting on your dog’s level to take a photograph, or beneath, above or behind them. Remember to consistently praise them and give treats for doing what you want, keeping them calm, happy and motivated.”

We also spoke to Laura Lees from Laura has all different kinds of dogs come through her doors and has to be at the top of her game to get the very best shots.

“To have a clean, clear and striking image of your dog, it can help if you don’t have any other distractions in the image, so think about where you would like your dog to pose and what is behind and around them. Dogs always look lovely against bushes, plants or just lying around on the grass. You can always search for areas around a park that have a brick wall or wooden gate – this adds a more contemporary theme to your images. Try and get your dog to look into the light – towards wherever the window is – this will bring out the light in their eyes.”  

Our next tip is from photographer Mandy Charlton. Mandy is a photographer, travel and lifestyle writer and blogger for the website One of her favourite subjects is her dog, Holly Bobbins.

“Just like children, if you want your pets to pose there’s no better way than bribing them with a treat or two. Alternatively if your dog is not interested in treats, a squeaky toy or a high pitched sound should help prick their ears up. If you’re quick you could get a good photo.”

We hope you have fun experimenting with new styles of photography to capture your dog’s best side! We’d love to hear how you get on, and if you have any top tips to share with us too.

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