The Best UK Dog Walks with BorrowMyDoggy

There are so many myths about dogs and how much exercise they should really have, but one thing is for sure – walking regularly and often leads to a happier and healthier dog. And it’s not just your dog that’s benefiting, with a new study revealing that people who own a dog live longer and are generally healthier than those who don’t.

There are so many beautiful places across the country to walk your dog, and our friends over at BorrowMyDoggy have compiled a list of their top 5. So don’t let the colder weather deter you – wrap up warm, grab your lead and head out for a long walk in one of these picturesque locations with your four legged friend.

bushy_parkBushy Park, England

Perhaps less well known, but no less beautiful, Bushy Park is the second largest of London’s eight Royal Parks and has a mixture of woods, gardens, ponds and grasslands for you and your dog to explore.


Balmoral Castle, Scotlandbalmoral_castle

If you’re heading north of the border, then why not plan a trip to one of the Royal family’s residencies at Balmoral Castle. From August – October it’s closed to the public as The Royal Family are in residence, but come the winter, there is lots for you and your dog to enjoy at this magnificent (and dog-friendly!) estate.

carreg_cennenCarreg Cennen Castle, Wales

Voted the most romantic castle in Wales by viewers of BBC’s Countryfile, this is a great place for a dog walk that everyone can enjoy.


Glenariff Forest Park, Northern Irelandglenariff_forest_park

This park has various lovely trails that you and your dog can enjoy, including several walking trails through the forest which give spectacular views and glimpses of wildlife.


ballycotton_cliff_walkBallycotton Cliffs, Republic of Ireland

The cliffs are perfect for wonderful views and a lovely winter walk, and what’s more, at the end of the walking route you’ll find plenty of places in the nearby village to stop for a hot drink to warm you up.


With a busy lifestyle however, it can be hard to always find time for the exercise your dog needs. That’s where BorrowMyDoggy come in. They’re an online community connecting dog owners with local dog lovers for walks, sitting and holiday care. The number one reason for BorrowMyDoggy owners joining is to find regular walkers for their dog, so you’re not alone!

Their concept is unique – borrowers give your dog extra exercise and one-on-one attention because they love dogs, not to get paid. Thousands of owners who joined BorrowMyDoggy have shared how their dogs now enjoy extra exercise and walks when out and about with their borrowers. Here’s what just a few have to say:

“Thanks to BorrowMyDoggy, my dogs Beau, Murphy and Moushska, are healthier, they have a better mood, it’s keeping their weight down and they have a whole new lease of life” – Marie-Antoinette.

Beau, Murphy, Moushska and borrower Rosie.JPG
Beau, Murphy, Moushska and borrower Rosie

“Roxy needs a lot of exercise, and with my partner and I working, there’s just not enough time. BorrowMyDoggy is a no-brainer” – Richard.


“I’ve noticed a big difference in my dog, Maximus. He’s lost a lot of weight from all the walks and seems so happy” – Maggie.

Borrower Alex with Maximus the pug and Maggie

“My Labrador, Cherry, now gets to go on lovely walks, has lots of friends, and she loves people. I’ve never seen her so happy” – Liz.


You can learn more about BorrowMyDoggy here.

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  1. Our German Shepherd Rocky has Borrow my Doggy Friends Mark & Caroline who take him out for walks whenever they are free & sometimes have him overnight for us. Last year when my son got married in New Orleans they had him got 5 days. He gets so excited when Marks car pulls up we know he is really happy when he is with them & gets the extra exercise that we can’t always provide as well as s lot of spoiling & attention which he really loves. We have had other borrowers too but Mark & Caroline are his best friends. Thoroughly recommend Borrow my Doggy as there is an extra somebody out there just waiting to love your Doggy too.???


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