5 superstitions about dogs

Since dogs have been man’s most consistent companion throughout the centuries, it’s not surprising that we’ve come to believe that they hold special abilities or are attributed to good fortune. Even though it’s commonly black cats we associate with superstition, in many cultures dogs are thought to have some mystical tendencies too.

Here are 5 superstitions about dogs that might make you look at your furry little friend a little differently:


1.“Dogs don’t just bark at thin air…”

Does your dog often bark or growl at what appears to be nothing? It’s thought that when a dog seems to be barking at thin air, they’re actually barking at the ghost or spirit of a deceased person. In some Indian cultures, dogs were (and still are) believed to be the protectors of evil spirits and owning a black dog was said to help ward off any bad omens cast against your home.


2. “Stepping in dog poo is good luck…”

Whilst the majority of us would generally consider accidentally stepping in dog poo to be an act of misfortune, in French tradition, it’s thought that if you step in it with your left foot, good luck is sure to follow.


3. “Dogs can detect a future quarrel between a couple…”

In some European countries, it’s thought that when a couple are walking side by side a dog that crosses between them, it’s a sign that a quarrel will soon take place, or that their marriage is in danger. For engaged couples, it’s a sign that their wedding will be cancelled.


4. “A dog can counteract the bad luck gained from walking underneath a ladder…”

We’re all probably aware that it’s thought to be bad luck to walk underneath a ladder. According to some folklore, this can be undone by keeping your fingers crossed until you find a dog. When the dog is found, the bad luck will be counteracted. 

dog barking

5. “Dogs can tell who the bad guys are…”

It’s thought that if your dog appears angry or defensive around someone for what you deem to be no apparent reason, you should stay clear. Some people believe this is a sign that the person has bad character and is not to be trusted.

Feeling superstitious? Has your dog ever given you a reason to think that he or she has powers beyond belief? Tell us your superstitious experiences.


  1. Snowy is sadly gone now, but he and Woody don’t like people of a certain violent religious persuasion. Four walked by us in the park, and gave such looks of hatred, that if looks could kill, we’d be dead. My friends dogs reacted the same way. Both Snow and Woody started barking furiously at them, then when one women came towards us with a fist, our dogs showed teeth, snarled and tried to lunge. I only just held onto them. Yet, they love people and kids in general. Tia is a good judge of human nature too. We’ve not seen them again, thank God.

    1. Although my dog is on a better place???.we have dogs that live in the back of our house and they were barking at their old owner who died.Now i know why they bark for said to be nothing??

  2. If you are dating a Russian, you should never give even number roses. If you are dating a Chinese make sure you don’t have a mustache and beard because it is considered as a bad luck.And in India if your mehendi color is dark then your husband will love you a lot. It is silly but these are superstitions.

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