Mythbusters – 5 superstitions about dogs

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Through the centuries we’ve domesticated, trained, and bred dogs to be by our side. From scary wolves that howl at the moon to the cute Labradoodle on your sofa today, it’s really no surprise that there are plenty of superstitions about dogs. 

Dog legends – heaven or hell?

A favourite subject in myths and legend, in Greek mythology Cerberus was the three-headed dog who guarded Hades and kept guarding it for the Romans, too. Whilst over in Ancient Persia, Zoroastrianism believed dogs were sacred beings. And even to this day in Nepal the Hindu festival of Tihar has a whole day dedicated to celebrating dogs. Heavenly. 

But back to the raising hairs on the back of your neck part. Superstitious or not, we’d like to delve a little deeper into these mystical, magical dog powers. The people who included the bit about ‘It’s unlucky to meet a barking dog early in the morning” (taken from the 1949 Encyclopedia of Superstitions), had clearly never met any dog, ever. 

Howling however? Now that’s an entirely different matter.

Supernatural and spooky dogs

Here are our five finest superstitions about dogs. You never know, some might even make you look at your furry little friend a little differently…

And when some cultures believe that dogs deliver good fortune, we’ll take that over having to pick up dog poo, any day.

1. Dogs don’t just bark at thin air

Does your dog often bark or growl at nothing? Yes. But is it spooky? Also yes. When a dog barks at thin air, what they’re actually doing is barking at a ghost. You’re welcome.

2. Stepping in dog poo is good luck

Dog poo isn’t top of the list of great things to step into by any means. In France however, tradition dictates if you step in dog poo with your left foot, good luck is sure to follow. If however, your right foot wades in the poo first, then it’s just the opposite, sorry!

3. Dogs know when arguments are about to happen

When a couple are walking side by side and a dog crosses in between them, it’s a (surefire) sign that a row is on the way – or that your marriage is in danger. If you’re engaged, it’s not much better – a sign that your wedding will be cancelled. Again, sorry.

4. Walked under a ladder? Find a dog

So we did some delving on this and if you walk under a ladder, it’s going to be fine. But you asked for dog superstitions so you’re going to need to keep your fingers crossed until you find a dog. 

If you spot an ambulance however, hold your breath till you find a black or brown dog. Good luck with that, and don’t try it at home or you’ll need one! If you see a Dalmatian, you can breathe easily, they’re good luck. Ditto greyhounds with white spots on their foreheads.

5. Dogs can root out the bad guys

Top of our list of superstitions about dogs (that could actually be true) is this: if your dog appears angry or defensive around someone for no apparent reason, stay clear of them and their untrusted ways. Some people believe this is a sign that the person is not to be trusted.

Has your dog ever given you a reason to think that he or she has powers beyond belief? Share your spooky dog superstition stories with us.


  1. Snowy is sadly gone now, but he and Woody don’t like people of a certain violent religious persuasion. Four walked by us in the park, and gave such looks of hatred, that if looks could kill, we’d be dead. My friends dogs reacted the same way. Both Snow and Woody started barking furiously at them, then when one women came towards us with a fist, our dogs showed teeth, snarled and tried to lunge. I only just held onto them. Yet, they love people and kids in general. Tia is a good judge of human nature too. We’ve not seen them again, thank God.

    1. Although my dog is on a better place???.we have dogs that live in the back of our house and they were barking at their old owner who died.Now i know why they bark for said to be nothing??

  2. If you are dating a Russian, you should never give even number roses. If you are dating a Chinese make sure you don’t have a mustache and beard because it is considered as a bad luck.And in India if your mehendi color is dark then your husband will love you a lot. It is silly but these are superstitions.

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