7 tips for taking your dog on holiday

Being a dog owner makes so many things in life so easy, like an evening being well spent by simply just curling up on the sofa. What’s not so easy, is being able to make spontaneous bookings for that trip you’ve just seen on PetsPyjamas’ travel guide, because there’s so much to plan. The last thing you’ll want is to arrive at your holiday destination realising you’ve forgotten the poo bags.

We’ve simplified it for you so you know exactly what you need to consider before you can up and go:

Check the accommodation

Booking through designated dog-friendly sites like PetsPyjamas will ensure you find the perfect place to call home for the holiday, with added touches like dog treats to make you smile and your dog’s tail wag. Find the perfect location for the whole family to retreat to after a long day out, muddy paws and all.

Visit the vet before you go

Before you jet off, make sure your dog’s up to date with any treatments, vaccinations and general health checks. Once this is ticked off your list, you’ll be able to watch your dog race across the beach and bound over the hills without a care in the world. If you’re heading abroad, check to see if there are any local diseases to be aware of and chat to your vet first.

Passports at the ready

Just like you, your dog won’t be allowed to cross the UK border (both in and out) without their passport. If you’re going abroad this summer, you’ll need to have your dog’s passport, find out everything you need to know here.

Make an essential item checklist

Imagine the look your dog would give you when you arrived at your long awaited destination to realise you’d forgotten to pack their favourite toy. Making a list a few weeks in advance will help you to make sure you’ve got absolutely everything you need – even if you do leave the packing until the last minute.

Refresh your dog’s command knowledge

Remember that scene in Marley and Me where Marley gets sight of a bird and runs after it, only to be chased down the beach by a mortified Owen Wilson and his friend in convoy? In reality, onlookers might not be quite so amused. You won’t want your dog terrorising local fauna, so practising commands together will give you added peace of mind when you’re off exploring.

Practise travelling

If your dog’s not used to longer drives, getting some practice in before you go can help them enjoy the journey more. Make sure you’ve got a safety harness for when the car’s moving and stop regularly for breaks to stretch all the legs in the car.

Peace of mind

Unwinding into holiday mode is a glorious feeling and you’ve earned it. Just make sure your relaxed self is still keeping an eye on how your dog’s getting on, making sure they’re staying away from steep drops on cliffside walks, not swimming too far out in the sea and getting on well with other dogs and animals.



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