The 9 poos every dog owner will know

Life with your dog can be full of surprises, like that one you found behind the sofa when you only nipped out to the shops for an hour. ?

When it comes down to poo, us dog owners have seen it all. Meet the 9 poos you’ll have picked up at some point in your dog’s life.

The nightmare poo. Will likely need some support from water to wash away.
Easy to scoop, strange to look at. Provokes questions as to how it came to be.

It’s smooth, it’s scoopable – there’s no better poo out there.

Why even bother?

A wondrous creation for your dog to be proud of.

You saw the squat, you moved towards the squat but the poo’s final resting place is unknown. Cue the quest for the lost poo.

They say that two’s company and the Double Logger knows this to be the case.

This one has dreams of its own.

Where did it come from? What even is it? We’ll never know.

So whichever poo the day brings, rejoice – for the days of frantic poo bag pocket-searching are over. As part of your monthly bundle, your dog’s poo bags can be delivered with their food, straight to your door.



  1. My dog seems to poo three times a day and they are always big ones . She always seems hungry and will eat any thing . I’ve not been well for past year with cancer but she won’t leave my side and I often trip over her . Jo higgs xx

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