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It’s finally here, our new TV ad is now on screens! Featuring some of our very own customers and one of our office dogs, our new advert goes hand in hand with the fresh new look on our website, packaging and social media channels.

So, have you seen it yet? If not, see it here! 👇

It takes all sorts to make an ad, including an amazing production studio, fantastic producers and some very talented stars, who just so happen to be some of our very own customers and one of our office dogs too. Here’s what you need to know about the stars:

Meet Scooby

Owner: Kenny & Beccy

Name: Scooby

Breed: Unknown rescue mix

Age: 1 year 6 months


Found wandering around an airport on his own, Scooby was rescued by an street dog rescue charity in Romania. As soon as Kenny and Beccy saw him on their website, he’d stolen their hearts. He was soon brought to the UK, where he made himself at home in his new family life.

Scooby’s cheeky, energetic and full of life, with a knack for winning everyone over – even people with a fear of dogs! He loves to sit on his bed on the living room windowsill, barking at the people who walk by to say hello and loves watching Saturday Kitchen with his owners on the sofa.

Meet Frank

Owner: Melanie

Name: Frank

Breed: Irish Red Setter

Age: 7 years 8 months


Like many modern day romances, Melanie found Frank on Facebook – a local rescue group were asking if anyone could give him a home. Having lost a Setter two years before, Melanie wasn’t sure whether she was ready to have another in her life yet. After some encouragement from her daughter, Melanie went to see him. He was shy, confused, underweight and his coat wasn’t in the best state. However, she loved him immediately and knew they were meant to find each other.

From the frightened skinny dog she brought back to her house, Frank’s grown into the star of his hometown village in Dorset. His life is full of regular rural walks and other dogs to befriend. With his sleek, glossy coat (that’s enough to give anyone intense hair envy) he’s loved by everyone he meets.

Meet Hartley

Owner: Dee

Name: Hartley

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 3 years


When a co-worker was looking to rehome her daughter’s dog, Dee jumped at the chance to have Hartley in her life. Since then, the bundle of fun has become her shadow, following Dee wherever she goes and insisting he’s either next to her or on her lap. The two love to spend time in the park, where Hartley loves to swim in the lake, or sit on Dee’s lap whilst she reads.

Hartley’s lively, healthy and loves playing and running around all over the place. When Dee arrives home from work each day, Hartley’s ecstatic – as if he hasn’t seen her for years.

Meet Max

Owner: Susan

Name: Max

Breed: Shih Tzu x Yorkshire Terrier

Age: 2 years 5 months


When Susan was on the search for her puppy, she was sure she wanted an adorable black and white puppy. Upon meeting Max at his breeder’s home, Susan’s vision of her ideal dog went out of the window – she’d fallen in love with a tiny ball of black and tan fur who, soon after, became silver!

Max’s great loves in life are swimming and playing – always followed by sleeping. He joins Susan at her work every day, making himself at home with his big office family and making everyone laugh by turning up to meetings and demanding tickles on his belly by lying on his back.

Max and Scooby are friends in real life, as Susan is Becky’s mum, and the two play endlessly together. For Susan, he’s the best company she could ask for. She’s never lonely, and Max’s endless bucketfuls of love help to calm any of the stresses that life brings.

Meet Bear

Owner: Kim

Name: Bear

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier x Schnauzer

Age: 6 months


Bear was adopted by Kim, one of our CS agents, from a local rescue centre. When they met him, he was suffering from several infections and was severely malnourished. They weren’t sure he’d make it through their first 48 hours.

Now, after a lot of love, care and treatment, Bear’s everyone’s best friend and a bundle of fun around the office with the team, when he gets to the office each day the first thing he does is look for his best friend Noodle! He’s happy and full of life at home and according to Kim, he’s brought messiness, less sleep and total mayhem into their lives, but they wouldn’t change a thing.

Meet Rebel

Owner: Ben & Clare

Name: Rebel

Breed: Bullmastiff x Staffy

Age: 4 years 3 months


When Ben decided he was looking for a ‘not to go in your handbag’ dog, his search turned to local rescue centres. Ben’s mother saw Rebel’s photo on the Battersea website and sent him the photo, asking: ‘what’s missing?’ – he only had 3 legs, after losing one after being hit by a car when he was 2. Ben went to visit him and a few days later, Rebel was in the car on the way to his new forever home with him and Clare, one of our Customer Support agents.

Despite only having 3 legs, Rebel runs around all day. When he first joined the family, he was on the chunkier side of life and used to get out of breath just running to the end of the garden. Now, he’s a new dog and spends his weekends walking miles and miles with Ben and Clare.

Rebel’s a constant reminder to Ben and Clare that nothing in life is too much trouble, and that bad times always pass. After all he’s been through, he’s still the happiest little dog who just keeps going.

Meet Ollie

Owner: Paula

Name: Ollie

Breed: Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Age: 5 years 6 months


Following the departure of their beloved black lab, Paula and her husband John had decided it was time to welcome another dog into their lives. After deciding she wanted a rescue dog, she came across Ollie and it was love at first sight. She’s had a Pyrenean as a child so knew all about the breed and what fantastic family dogs they were, and it seemed that it was just meant to be. They met him, and that was that. He needed a further 3 weeks of medical treatment but after that, he was settled and happy in their home.

For Paula, life with Ollie is simply a joy. He’s brought so much into their lives, including conversation starters with neighbours local people they’d never spoken to before. Ollie’s favourite things to do are cuddle, sleep and play (but only with humans and dogs, not toys!) and eat nice food, followed by as many cuddles as he can get. Paula’s whole family love to stay with her just so they can be with him, making her feel like she runs a dog therapy hotel!


We’ve all got our stories about our dogs, haven’t we? If you’d like to share yours, comment below!

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  1. Me and my dog rescued each other. I suffer from seizures and had lost the confidence to leave the house, Sherlock (then Brendon) didn’t know his own name, could bearly sit and (unknown to me at the time) appears to have pdsd from someone trying to use him to fight. Were an unlikely pair that mutually agreed to work together and nine years this October I can say we’re both a lot happier.

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