How to keep your dog’s food fresher for longer

We all like fresh food, and our dogs are no different. Your dog’s bag will keep all their tailored kibble fresh for the month, thanks to its foil lining and resealable opening – helping you to feed your dog ultimate tastiness at every meal time.

To help you keep your dog’s food fresher for longer, here are our 3 handy tips:

Roll the top down & use the scoop as a bag closer

As well as providing easy weight management for your dog, our bespoke portion scoop doubles up as a bag closer. Roll the top of the bag down, and use the slots underneath each of the scoop’s handles to snugly slot over the top of the bag, keeping the roll in place.


Fold over and peg it

Pegs can add some sturdy security to stop air getting in. Fold over the top of the bag, and peg 2-3 pegs across the fold, keeping it nice and secure.

pegging.pngSlide your finger through the zipper – to keep it in good shape!

Our zippers are strong and can be quite tough to open by just pulling them apart. To keep the zipper working to make sure your dog’s tailored kibble is fresh, open your bag by sliding your finger to part the zipper – wiggling it through the zip.


Now, is it dinner time yet?!







2 thoughts on “How to keep your dog’s food fresher for longer”

  1. Hi I found Tails at the ideal home exertion and to be honest signed up for the freebie. I filled in the dietary needs of my dog, no grain, wheat etc (although I didn’t believe that they would omit the Very thing they use to bulk pet foods) I tryed my fussy little Yorkshire terrier on it and she seemed to like it. But what sold me was only after a few days, the terrible breath, she has always had since she was a pup was gone! Now I’m convinced that Tails did make the food to her dietary needs. Thank you Tails from a fresh breathed Tober and me.

  2. Hi, just a wee word to say how much Holly is enjoying her dry food kibble from Tails, it is 6 mths since she started and I wish I had known about it earlier, so to anybody thinking about changing there dogs food I think and I think Holly thinks that Tails is the best plus you get it delivered every month,,,!!!


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