Bring Your Dog to Work Day

The date is upon us – Friday June 22nd 2018 is officially Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

Fortunately, that’s every day at We love bringing our furry companions in to the office. Meet some of our regular attendees:

Bear - Bring Your Dog To Work
Bear – Kim’s fun lovely youngster. He brings so much bounce and energy in to the office
Ruby - Bring Your Dog To Work Day
Ruby hangs out with our Customer Experience team – keeping everyone in great spirits.
Biggie - Bring Your Dog To Work Day
Biggie hangs out with the Creative, Marketing, and Brand team

A growing number of studies have found dogs help improve our overall health, well being and can even improve productivity in the workplace.

There’s no better time to trial the idea of canine colleagues. Head Vet Sean and Emily got together to discuss our office dog policy at with some tips for you to try in your own workplace too.

If you have any questions about bringing dogs into the workplace feel free to get in touch with us via

Our Head of People Henrik has also written a fantastic blog post on what it is like to have dogs in the office so take a peek for some insider scoop- read his blog post here

 To learn more about bring your dog to work day visit the official site by clicking here

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