Your first box – what you need to know

Thanks for joining, it’s great to have you with us.

We want to ensure you get the most from your first trial of unique nutrition, so we’ve put together this video which explains all you need to know about your dogs menu card and portion scoop. Watch the video to find out more.

Nicky from is here to tell you everything you need to know about your dog’s unique menu card and portion scoop, which you’ll find in your first delivery.

What to expect in your trial order

Has your first box arrived?

In your box you should find the following:

  • Bag of food – we’ve created a unique recipe just for your dog
  • Menu card – its got lots of interesting details about the ingredients in your dogs food and exactly how much to feed them daily
  • Scoop – make sure you’ve selected the recommended setting so you’re giving your dog the right portions every time
  • Extras – if you’ve added wet food or treats to your order these will be in your box too

Things to remember

If you update your dog’s profile – for example, if their weight or activity level changes, their scoop setting and portions may also change – so do always check your menu card to make sure you’re feeding them the right amount.

If you need to make any changes to your dog’s profile, your delivery details, or you just want to look up information about the ingredients in their recipe, then head over to where you’ll find all the information you need on your dashboard. All you need to do is log in here

We hope you enjoy your free trial. Don’t forget, we’re always here to help, if you have any questions – get in touch with our Customer Experience team at


  1. Hi there,
    As always my dog Precious loves her Tails food, but she is getting now that her teeth are not strong enough to chew on the biscuit type food. I was wondering if perhaps there is a smaller type of food that would make it easier for her to chew, do you have such meals like that. I am sure she would still enjoy it better. I would appreciate it if you could let me know please. Also being as we have the Chriistmas holidays almost here, is it possible that l can order Precious’s next bag of meals as hopefully we shall be spending some of the time away from home and l want to make sure l have enough food for her.
    Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.
    Brenda Jacobs

    1. I have trouble with the dry food as well. I’ve got a small chihuahua, 2 yrs old and he refuses to eat the biscuits. He prefers to bat them about the floor. They’re too big for him to crunch and I have to try to smash them into smaller pieces, which I hate doing. I would love a mini version of them that I could just put in his bowl without effort. I don’t know why these aren’t an option already as others must be having similar trouble. I hope that the makers are reading this.

  2. Just received our first bag and my 10 week old JRT X YORKIE loves it. He’s been quite a fussy little man so far and we’ve been having to encourage him. But he has eaten his food this evening without any problem. So glad I decided to try it.

  3. hellow my dogTaffy loves his food i dont know if you remember he had a bad problem with his skin and his coat was falling out he is so much better than he was he had very dry scabs on his skin and they have more or kess gone but i feel they are returhig a little around his neckis there anything else you can surgest marie taffys mum

    1. Hi Marie,

      Sorry to hear Taffy is still having problems, let’s see what we can do to help support his skin. If you could get in touch with our customer team by emailing your details to we can look into his recipe and see what improvements can be made.


  4. Hi can I ask please, when the menu card says (for example) – X4 scoops on setting A1… Does that mean X4 scoops per meal or overall throughout the day? The lady above advised X2 scoops but then added X2 scoops to X1 meal?

    1. I don’t understand this part is is 112gs total per day or 112g per feed as mine says 3 scoops on food setting b1 (112g) so is this 112 grams per day or per meal

  5. I having using tails for sometime now and my scoops are damaged. Is there anyway of getting new replacement scoops ?

  6. Hi, I have just received my first lot of dry food for my bichon frise dogs. Its seems such a small amount when I dish it up. One has 2 scoops a day B- 2 and the other C-2 I’m worried they will still be hungry

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