Unconditional: we’re the UK’s most-loved pet food brand in 2019

Big news on big love: we’re the UK’s most-loved pet food brand on TrustPilot for 2019 ?

That’s a whole lot of love from thousands of reviews – and countless happy owners and even happier doggies. To us it means even more than that: it’s about all the lives we transformed in 2019. Dig into our reviews on Trustpilot and you’ll find thousands of happy stories of dogs doing better than ever, thanks to their tailored food. (Maybe you wrote one of them – thank you!)

So once the confetti has settled and we’ve all wiped the ‘we couldn’t have done this without you’ tears from our eyes – how exactly did we discover this little jewel of a fact? 

How we worked it out

It’s all in the data. First we pulled all the tens of millions of English reviews from Trustpilot using their API. Then we did a bit of data analysis: collecting all relevant reviews from customers using ‘love’ words about a product or service. We excluded 1 or 2 star reviews to get rid of any of the ‘don’t love…’ variations, and we took out any reviews with a negative sentiment score. Then we worked out an average ‘love rating’ using an Empirical Bayes estimation (we’ll save you the geeky explanation of what that is and why it’s cool, but comment below if you really want to know). 

And the results are:

Company?Love Rating?
Pyjama Drama51.0%

That’s a whopping amount of love: 51% of the 6037 reviews we received (up to 18 December 2019) talked about how much they loved the food and service from tails.com. That puts us way ahead of the competition in pet food, and right near the top of all brands on TrustPilot. Hats off at this point to kids club finder Clubszone: in terms of things we love, we can totally see how sorting your dog’s food for life comes second to sorting your kid’s activities for the school holidays. 

And so that’s it: a whole lot of data. A whole lot of love. And a whole lot of dogs with glossier coats and bouncier walks going wild for their mealtimes. Woof please! 

Not tried tails.com for your dog yet? Chances are you’re going to love it. Get your free trial now:

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