Whip up some delicious pup pancakes

We’re planning to tuck into a pancake feast this Pancake Day and we didn’t want our dogs to miss out, so we’ve put together this quick and simple dog-friendly recipe for some tasty Pup Pancakes!

Just a warning, these pancakes smell so good that once you start cooking, you may not be able to resist eating them yourself!

To make them, you will need… 


  • 2 bananas
  • 2 eggs
  • 30g of coconut flour 
  • A pinch of ground cinnamon
  • Oil for frying (we used coconut)
  • Your dog’s favourite toppings: we used blueberries and peanut butter (xylitol-free)


  • A large mixing bowl
  • Spoon to mix and add to pan
  • Non-stick frying pan
  • Spatula

Ready, set, bake!

  1. Cut or tear your bananas into smaller chunks and add to the mixing bowl, then mash until smooth
  2. Add the eggs and combine with the bananas until well-blended
  3. Add the coconut flour and the ground cinnamon, and mix well
  4. Add a little water if needed if your batter is a bit dry
  5. Heat a non-stick pan on a medium heat and melt the coconut oil in the pan
  6. Once the oil is melted and evenly spread, add a spoonful of your mixture to the pan
  7. Cook for 2-3 mins (or until golden brown) then give it a flip!
  8. Once the pancake is cooked through, transfer to a plate and repeat with the rest of your mixture
  9. Add your dog’s favourite toppings – we used a little xylitol-free peanut butter and blueberries
  10. Let your dog tuck into one pancake at a time and pop the rest in the fridge or freezer for another day

Our pup pancakes are both gluten-free and grain-free, perfect for dogs (or humans!) who may have wheat allergies.

They’re really tasty – as our office dogs will agree! – so don’t forget to give them to your pooch in moderation and reduce their dinner size slightly to keep them happy and healthy.

We hope your dog loves our pup pancakes just as much as our office dogs (and humans) did! Giving them a go? Don’t forget to share your pictures and videos with us on social media. You can find us on Facebook or Instagram

If you’re eager to keep on baking delicious home-cooked treats for you pooch, check out The Happy Dog Cookbook by our Head Vet Sean featuring family food expert and dog lover Annabel Karmel. 

All profits from the book go to StreetVet, a charity close to our hearts which provides free vet care to the homeless and their pets.

Remember that all treats count, so if you do serve up these pooch-friendly pancakes, balance the extra calories out with a longer walk or a bit more play.

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