Watermelon: our new favourite ingredient

Not only is watermelon one of our favourite summertime fruits, but it has a whole host of other benefits. It’s refreshing, packed with vitamins, and it’s great for keeping hydrated as it has a high water content. And if it couldn’t get any better – it’s suitable for both us humans and dogs alike.

So with the hot weather upon us, what better way to cool down than with this recipe for frozen watermelon treats. 

The best thing about them? They’re lapped up by everyone from teens to toddlers – although you might want to leave out the dog treats when you’re serving them to humans!


Around 8 cubes, depending on the size of your tray

What you need

200g watermelon – with seeds and rind removed (as these aren’t easily digestible)

A few Good Dog Treats 

An ice cube tray, lolly mould to freeze them in


  1. Cut your deseeded watermelon into cubes
  2. Use a food processor, hand blender or the end of a rolling pin to blend the melon until smooth. You could add a little bit of water at this point if you want to make your batch stretch a little further!
  3. Pour the mixture into your mould
  4. Break up the treats into smaller pieces and add to the mix
  5. Pop into the freezer until done
  6. Serve as a refreshing treat on a hot summer’s day!

As with all treats, we recommend making sure they’re served as part of a balanced diet. Even though watermelon is quite low calorie, it does still contain some sugars so it’s best to keep it as an occasional treat.

We think the combination of juicy watermelon and Good Dog Treats, frozen into cubes, is a winner. We loved testing out this recipe, and we hope you will too. Tag us if you try it out, we’d love to see!

watermelon freezies recipe

9 thoughts on “Watermelon: our new favourite ingredient”

  1. My dogs love watermelon. I normally give them fresh watermelon treat. Will try this frozen watermelon.

    Thank you Tails.com

  2. Definitely going to try this for Abbi. Already ordered the water melon and ice cube tray! Thank you for your ever useful tips. 👏👏👏

  3. I have been giving my boys watermelon ice cubes for years, they absolutely love them. Great when you come back after a walk in the summer, even during cool hours.


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