5 fun activities for you and your dog

The best thing about dogs is they’re always up for being with you. They love exploring with their favourite people, and trying new things is great to tire them out physically and mentally. A bit of mental stimulation goes a long way (brilliant for breeds like Border Collies and German Shepherds).

There’s no better way to keep that tail wagging than trying out some fun, new activities. 

Whether that’s going for a run, or DIYing your own obstacle course at home, here are our top activities from the easy to the super adventurous. You’re sure to have a blast whatever you do.

Paddle boarding

Bring your dog along on a paddle boarding adventure. It’s a great mental and physical workout for you both, as you enjoy time together on the water. Check with your local paddle boarding club and ask if your dog can come along too, and ease your dog into it gently so you don’t overwhelm them. 

Obstacle course

Get DIYing with an action-packed obstacle course at home, in the garden or at the park. You’ll need a few items like poles to jump over, bridges to crawl under, and surfaces for them to jump onto. If your dog’s a natural, you could also try an agility class near you.


This game is classic for good reason. It’s good exercise, it’s mesmerising, and it’s plain fun. It’s also a great way to reinforce your dog’s recall. To make it more challenging, run to a new spot after you’ve thrown the frisbee. (That way you burn those calories too!)


For the endorphin rush, nothing beats a good run. Running with your dog is great if your dog has a few pounds to lose, and for those always-on-the-go dogs with lots of energy to burn. If it’s your first time, start with short distances and work your way up. To keep your dog safe, always check with your vet first if your dog has any health conditions. Keep at it and you’ll be a running dream team in no time.


Is your dog sociable? Do they love a tennis ball? Chances are they’ll love flyball. This is where two teams of dogs race against each other and jump over hurdles to grab a tennis ball. Whatever size or breed your dog is, it’s a fun, fast, high-intensity activity. 

Whatever you choose, we know that our dogs make the best exercise buddies. It’s fun for you, fun for your dog – and helps strengthen the bond between you. Let us know your best new activity tips in the comments.

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