Meet Pirate – the world’s oldest Great Dane!

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“I truly believe we have tails to thank for Pirate still being with us. It’s not very common to see a great Dane as old as he is and I think it’s partly due to his special food. We are so happy we found tails.”

Sarah, Pirate’s owner

Looking for a feel-good story? We might just have the perfect one…

Meet Pirate the Great Dane. He’s always been special to his owners Sarah and Laurence, but now he’s even more so. Because Pirate is the ripe old age of 11 ½ years old. And now reportedly, he’s the oldest ever Great Dane. In the world!

Considering this large breed doesn’t usually live past 7 or 8 years old, we think Pirate is pretty impressive.

Pirate and his older brother, Digby, were adopted by Sarah and Laurence over 10 years ago from the RSPCA in Doncaster. Sadly, Digby passed away a few years ago, but Pirate is still going strong.

So what’s the secret? We asked his owner, Sarah, who puts his longevity down to a diet of chicken – and tailored nutrition from

“We think your food had a massive part to play in his health and long life. He’s old and shouts at me with excitement when the box arrives, so I can’t help but give them to him ha ha! 

“He started on that six years ago and it has made such a difference to him.”

Our unique recipe for Pirate contains all the things he needs as a large breed – plus extra special support for seniors.

Sarah also thinks the wonderful home she’s given Pirate may have helped. Of course, he gets lots of love and cuddles and Sarah said she believes happiness has played a part and he’s always got a smile on his face.

Pirate is turning the ripe old age of 12 in February and Sarah says he’ll be celebrating with his favourite treat – chicken. 


  1. That is a lovely story and I wish Pirate well. My German Shepherd Piper has been fed on Tails for most of her 7 years and people cannot believe her age, the way she runs about with so much energy and life. Thanks Tails, for keeping our dogs healthy!

    1. Hi Mildred,

      Every dog is different, so what works for Pirate won’t necessarily be the best option for another dog. If you want to introduce something else to your dog’s feeding plan, send us an email at so we can help you update the feeding plan.


  2. My Great Dane, Bailey, lived to 13 years old and his predecessor made it to 10. The one I have now is 8 and still thinks he’s a puppy.

  3. Had three that made it , answer is lots of love. no overfeefing and careful excercise. They do not need mile long walks or buckets from which to eat

  4. Not actually true as my friend has had several Great Danes and three lived past their 12th birthday. Although they more normally die as you say at around 7 or 8, when she has had three who lived a lot longer, I wonder how anyone can even think or hope that this is the oldest Great Dane, in the world, ever.

    1. Hi Jacquie,

      That’s amazing!

      Pirate made the news recently as the oldest – but we bet there’s plenty more who have lived to a ripe old age.


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