Vegan dog food – should we be swapping the bone life for the carrot stick?

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Vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, flexitarian – as more of us are turning the humble 5-a-day into a way of life, the question lots of you have been asking is – can I feed my dog a vegetarian or vegan diet?

We’ve looked through the studies – and chatted to our head vet Sean – to get the lowdown on whether these popular human diets can work for our dogs, too.

Can I feed my dog a vegetarian or vegan diet?

In theory, yes. Dogs evolved to enjoy our campfire leftovers – meaning they’re happy on an omnivorous diet. Fun fact: our feline friends need animal protein in their diet (it contains taurine, an amino acid they can’t produce on their own).

The tricky part with feeding a vegetarian or vegan diet to your dog is making sure they get the complete, balanced nutrition that they need. Some ingredients we rely on in a veggie diet aren’t always suitable for our dogs. Cheese is a great source of fat and protein for humans, but not for dogs. Lots of vegans use soya as a replacement for meat – but dogs can be sensitive to it. In fact, all our recipes are always soya-free.

The best food for your dog is one that’s nutritionally complete

We believe your dog needs a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and vitamins and minerals. We use quality ingredients such as brown rice and sweet potato – both great sources of fibre and slow-release energy.

For a healthy source of protein, we only use human-grade meat – from our lamb to our salmon, we use every part of the animal to make sure our food has the maximum nutritional value.

What about veggie treats?

Yes! Keep those vegetables coming. Dogs love a carrot to munch on – or a handful of peas with dinner. Adding dog-friendly fruit and vegetables to our dog’s diet is a great way to treat them without adding lots of extra calories. Before you raid the salad bar, take a look at this blog on dog-friendly vegetables

Looking after the planet

It’s our duty to look after the planet – We’re conscious of the impact meat production can have, which is why we take a nose to tail approach to our food. From bone meal to offal, we use the whole animal – reducing waste in the world, one tasty kibble at a time. Meat is delicious, nutritious – and dogs love it.

We think kibble is king, it’s everything your dog needs in one, crunchy biscuit that’s as good for their digestion as it is for their teeth. Our kibble blends will give your dog everything they need right the way down to the last vitamin and mineral. That’s not so easy to achieve through plant-based ingredients alone.

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