Teaching your puppy recall

It’s the most important command you’ll teach your puppy, so it’s really important to get it right. Strong recall will keep your dog safe when you’re out and about – whether you’re calling them away from another dog, avoiding danger, or telling them it’s the end of playtime.

Diane from Superhounds recommends practising recall at home, then moving to a long lead (a flat, fabric lead – 5m should be fine for most dogs) before you let your puppy off completely.

Watch the video now (and happy training!)

7 thoughts on “Teaching your puppy recall”

  1. I have trouble with recall in the park because she is always so distracted with all the smells and she simply ignores me, but her recall in the garden and house is excellent. Any tips?

  2. we have an almost 2 year old cockapoo.. in training he couldnt be more perfect.. outside a totally different matter.. acts like he doesnt even know his own name let alone attempt recall!!! help xx

  3. My dog is a rescue from Romania! He was 5 months old when we got him, very nervous and highly reactive. From what I’ve seen on the fb group chat for adopters of these dogs,most of the dogs from this rescue had not even had basic training before we got them. However, he is brilliant. He has learned toileting brilliantly, walking on the lead, not possesive with toys nor destructive. Can be left alone without worry. In fact he is excellent all round except for recall and meeting other big male dogs on the lead!

    His recall excellent in the home, in the drive and even when walking off the lead on the dis used canal path near our home he keeps within that 5 metres and we’ve not had him on an extendable lead. However if he sees another dog or person that’s it! He runs off barking and will not come back for love nor money! In fact we rarely let him off now as he cannot be trusted. Luckily we have our own field to let him off in. But if anyone walks along the canal path beside it esp with a dog, he will chase them all the way along
    the boundary hedge barking furiously which is awful as he will not come back. He is med size but he has a deep bark. Any tips much appreciated.

  4. My pug is 6 months, when my daughters 2 King Charles come for the day or stay, he does not know when to stop playing with then, one of my daughters dog who is 2 get very fed up with him, he has told him of, by growling given him a bark or too, he has also gone for my pug, but it does not stop my pug. What can I do to get my pug to leave them along. They are coming to stay for 5 days soon

    • We’re sorry to hear that your dog and your daughter’s dogs aren’t getting on so well at the moment, Susan. Our behaviourist Carolyn has some tips on keeping dog interactions positive, you can watch them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y08eT8KEJ0 Alternatively, we’d suggest speaking to your local dog trainer or behaviourist for some more tips on how to help 💙


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