Bubble & Squeak recipe

This Christmas season, if you have any leftovers from the Big Day (and what a day we’re all hoping it will be), why not treat your dog to their own perfectly dog-friendly version of this festive fave: Bubble & Squeak.

It works whenever you’ve got leftovers from a roast, just make sure there isn’t anything with garlic, onions, or nuts lurking on them.

Bubble & Squeak for dogs is as quick as the human version – just 10 mins prep and 8 minutes in the pan.

Bubble & Squeak recipe


As many as your leftovers will stretch to – this should replace your dog’s main meal and remember to make it size-appropriate!

What you’ll need

Leftover potatoes (mashed, boiled or roasted)

Leftover veg – we like carrots, parsnips and cabbage

Leftover turkey and/or ham

1 egg

A little flour

Olive oil, for shallow frying. 


  1. Mash your potatoes in a bowl
  2. Add all your leftovers plus the egg, and mash again to combine
  3. Sprinkle in enough flour to firm up your mixture a little and stir – you want to be able to shape them without them falling apart 
  4. Roll into dog-size balls and flatten so it looks like a burger
  5. Heat a tiny amount of olive oil in a frying pan over a low heat
  6. When hot, shallow fry a few cakes at a time for 3-4 mins on each side – until golden all over
  7. Allow to cool before serving.

This recipe is one of Head Vet Sean’s from our Happy Dog Cookbook. He says these bubble & squeak cakes will last for 5 days in the fridge so pop them in an airtight container. Or freeze for up to 6 months – as if they’ll last that long!

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  1. My new box arrived today and it was enormous, so when I opened it, Woolie dived straight into it. He loves your grub and all the treats, even the cat loves the treats. She is weird. I love I can adjust his box depending on how he has reacted to your food from the previous box. Can’t recommend you enough. Xx

  2. Tommy has been on this food since Feb this year he has kibble mixed with the wet and loves it. He has just had his check up at the vets and he is the perfect weight and a happy healthy dog ,plus he always looks forward to his treats. I appreciated the tips and recipes from you .Many Thanks.
    Jackie Longstaff +Tommy.

  3. New kids on the block to Tails.com. Our Micky is made up with yummy meals and treats. I am looking forward to making his bubble & squeak savoury cakes. His digestive system has improved so much, we can’t thank Tails.com enough. Merry Christmas guys xx

  4. Our dog used to be a very fussy eater but since feeding him Tails food, he runs over as soon as he hears the bag being opened and eats every bit of the food. Swapping to Tails was the best decision for our dog

  5. Tuffers loves his Tails. He seems to know when it is dinner time as he won’t give me a minutes peace until he has been fed. I look forward to trying these bubble and squeak cakes on him.

  6. My new box arrived today and my dog Sunset came straight in to have a look and dive in to her delicious food. Sunset absolutely loves her tails food.


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